5 New OneNote Features That’ll Make Your Creative Life Easier

I love OneNote, here are some great ways to use it, AND IT’S FREE!!

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OneNoteIcon Awhile back, I did a post at Writers in the Storm called 10 OneNote Features That Will Rock Your Writing World . I love this program so much, particularly for writers, I’ll be teaching a whole class on it next week. (More on that at the end of the post.)

I honestly didn’t think OneNote could get much better but…this week, itdid.

Microsoft just unveiled several new changes to OneNote, but here are the FIVE that will make writers dance with joy.

1. It’s now free.

Yep, a cool new app…available across all platforms and tablets…gratis. (Let the squeeing begin!) Writers are poor, so this is exceptional news.

You might also remember that I got my Hubby to take over the grocery shopping with OneNote. Now that’s power!!

2. OneNote for the Mac.

All I hear from my Mac pals is “Evernote, Evernote, Evernote” and I’ve looked at…

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