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Truth or Dare is a racier version of Spin the Bottle.

Everyone sits in a circle, then each participant takes a turn at spinning a bottle placed on the floor. Whoever the neck of the bottle points at has to pick a card to see whether they have to answer an embarrassing truth or perform an outrageous dare.

Now this is where it gets interesting.

Some truth questions can be innocent: What is your favorite movie? Or, who is your favorite actor/actress?

Others can be invasive: Who was your first crush? Where is the craziest place you made love?

For Dare it can be things like: Take off your shirt and run outside. Or, kiss the male/female next to you.

lucy desi i love lucy

As I said, interesting 🙂

I think as long as it’s done in fun and not with malicious intent, games like these can be great ice-breakers.

Did any of you play any of these games as a teenager? Did you meet a special someone this way?

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