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Take One Sexy Undercover FBI Agent, A Spunky Math Genius, A Corrupt Mob Boss and A Poker Tournament. Add Guns. Mix Carefully….Go ALL IN by Aleah Barley!


Out January 4th is ALL IN (Leaving Las Vegas #2) by Aleah Barley…..


Daisy always plays the numbers and only has one night stands. Ryan’s an expert at reading people who falls in love too easily. When these two undercover poker players meet in Las Vegas the stakes go up and they’ll have to risk everything on love…


All In Cover


About ALL IN


World-class statistician and poker prodigy Daisy Drake has two rules: never risk anything you can’t afford to lose, and never, ever, trust a gambler. Which is why she gave up the game and moved to Los Angeles, where she became a tenured professor. But when an old acquaintance calls needing Daisy’s…expertise…to help catch a cheater, she heads back to Las Vegas and the poker tables.

FBI Agent Ryan DiNatto’s been a gambler since he was four, and a hustler since he hit puberty. Coming off an undercover mission that ended with him shot and his partner in a wheelchair, Ryan’s out for blood. With a mob accountant and a hit man on the loose, the stakes have never been higher, and this time, he’s determined to make things right—even if it means beating spunky, sexy, Daisy Adams at her own game
On Sale in Digital: January 4, 2016

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Excerpt from All In

In the two weeks he’d prepped to go undercover as a tournament poker player at the Hendrix, Ryan had studied the case file more thoroughly than he’d ever studied anything in college. This was his chance to prove he was really back. That he wasn’t just the screw-up who’d gotten Jack shot.

More importantly, it was his chance to take another crack at Vic Morelli. There’d been enough stolen property in the warehouse to send Vic upriver for five to thirty—depending on the judge—but the Feds were still working to build racketeering and corruption charges. Ryan wasn’t about to let that stand. He wanted the mobster in jail for life or—better—parked on death row for conspiracy to commit murder.

Forget the drug dens in Manhattan or the warehouse in the Bronx; he was going to hit the man where it hurt.

His wallet.

Edgar Blethins was Vic’s best friend and personal accountant. The FBI had frozen all of the accounts he managed, but there was still a chunk of money unaccounted for.

Ten million, seven hundred and twenty-six thousand dollars to be exact.

Almost eleven million dollars hadn’t just gotten up and walked away. So when Blethins signed up for the Hendrix’s inaugural poker tournament in Las Vegas, it only made sense to send an agent in undercover to keep an eye out for him.

Ryan had demanded to be put on the case. He’d fucking begged, and when he’d finally gotten the go-ahead for the assignment? He’d started doing his homework.

He knew every employee, every longtime guest, and every big winner currently checked into the hotel. He for damn sure knew every player registered to play in the tournament, but he didn’t know “Adams, Daisy Adams” from Eve.

The woman had to be a last minute entry.

But how? And why?

In the world of professional gambling, the women who played were tough, domineering, and sexy as hell. Men wore TT-shirts, shorts, and lucky charms, anything to stay comfortable. Women wore low-cut shirts and too much makeup, working their own special charm to gain the slightest advantage.

Daisy Adams wasn’t sexy. She was cute.

Wearing a pair of cotton-candy pajamas with fluffy white sheep embroidered on them, she was adorable. The pajamas were a size too big, hanging loose on her already petite frame, but they didn’t completely hide her curved hips and firm, high breasts. Her hair was inky black, loose waves flowing around her heart-shaped face like a dark and twisted halo. Her features were delicate, like the rest of her. Her eyes were royal blue, so deep they were almost purple.

“Is there any other reason I’d be in Las Vegas?” she snapped, answering his earlier question. Her tone was harsh, coming from soft pink lips that curved generously on top and were full on the bottom. At five in the morning, she probably wasn’t wearing any makeup, so the apple red color of her cheeks had to be all natural. Fresh from bed, she smelled like the orange trees his grandparents kept in their dining room in Coney Island in winter, then dragged outside for the summer months.

Fresh faced and innocent, what the hell was she doing in the casino?

“You play poker?” Ryan asked, just in case he was missing something.

“Sure, want some pointers?”

Cute wasn’t his type. He liked leggy law-enforcement professionals who knew the score—he’d been engaged to three of them—but Daisy had spunk.

Ryan liked spunk.

It kept things interesting.

He wondered if the blush that was coloring her skin went all the way down, underneath those absurd pajamas. The way she was glaring at him, she’d probably cut his throat if he tried to find out, but it might be worth it. His gaze moved back to those warm, full, lips. It would definitely be worth it.

“I’m always up for improving my technique.” He ran his fingers through his hair, wishing he’d had time to brush it before he opened the door. “Give me a second to throw on a shirt, and I’ll take you out to breakfast.”

“What?” Daisy’s hands went to her hips—all spunky and defiant—and those threadbare pajamas pulled tight against her petite curves.

Ryan lost the ability to think.

Damn. Daisy might be small, but she was very well proportioned, with luscious breasts and full hips. What was she wearing under those things anyway? A gentleman would step back and close the door, but—fuck it—he definitely wasn’t a gentleman.

He moved closer for a better view.


Check Out the First Book in the Leaving Las Vegas Series!


LLV Cover - NEW



When West Virginia wild child, Glory Allen enters a private poker game with her town’s dreams at stake she loses it all. To make matters worse, she’s trapped in a car with the sexy but infuriating man who won—and accused her of cheating. Now because of him, she’s on the run from the mafia who put out a hit on the stuck-up casino magnate with the toe-curling good looks—and he isn’t even her type. So why can’t she cool the explosive chemistry between them?


She’s out of control…and she’s enough to drive Luke Tanner crazy. Yet she’s the only one willing to put her neck on the line…for him—a complete stranger she professes to hate. Now he’s in debt…to her. And it’s a debt he’s willing to work off any way she wants…on the hood of his sports car, in a waterfall—wherever she’ll have him, he’s willing to pay the price.


But the stakes are raised when they return to West Virginia—helping Luke escape has put Glory and her hometown in the sites of someone who wants him dead. This time Glory decides she’s not going to end up empty-handed—it’s time for the winner to take all and she won’t stop ’til she wins his heart.


Available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Google Books | Goodreads


Aleah Barley Author Photo

Author Bio: Aleah Barley is a writer of explosive romance for everyone. She lives and writes in Detroit, Michigan, with a cat who’s recently learned how to levitate, an over enthusiastic Labrador, and the cutest guy in the world. She will do anything for a hot cup of coffee or a wild romance–and, she can spell onomatoepia without using spell check.

You can also visit her online at the following places:

Website  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Goodreads  |  Amazon 


Interview with Aleah Barley


What do you think is the best way to publish these days?

I self publish and work with publishers. I think there are benefits with both methods. This year, I have five different books scheduled for release with two different publishers–I write a lot–and then I’m hoping to continue my self published Dead Sexy series (zombies in Detroit).


What are your favorite genres to read? Why?

I read a little bit of everything, including mysteries, paranormal fantasy, and romance. At the moment I’ve been reading a lot of M/M romance–my next book to release is Out of Bounds (available for preorder now and it’s M/M so I’m working on getting a feel for the broader genre.


Do your characters talk to you?

All the time! Although, mostly they talk to each other and I just hustle to write down the conversation.


How do you approach starting a new book?

I write about 50 ‘false starts’ before finding a story that really talks to me. I save all the false starts for later (some are actually pretty good, they just don’t fit the series I’m working on at the time).


What are the best writing books or blogs you’ve ever read?

I love books with smart people who know what they’re doing, whether that’s bad asses like Lee Child’s Reacher or romance heroes like Davey Dempsey in Fool Me Once. That’s one of the reasons I love Ryan–the hero in All In–he knows what he’s doing… right until Daisy walks through the door.


What are your non-writing hobbies, or what do you do to relax?

I have a large overenthusiastic chocolate labrador. So most of my relaxation time is spent chasing her around… knitting… and watching movies where things blow up.


What was your best date ever?

My second date with my fiance was at a local museum. It was amazing because the art is fantastic, but also because he’s from the area and had never been before. The fact that he was willing to expand his horizons for me really met something.


Navy SEAL or cowboy?

Navy SEAL, definitely. Unless we’re in a historical novel. Then it’s a cowboy. Even if we’re talking about a regency romance (I would love to read about a tough talking vaquero in a regency ballroom).


Chocolate or chips?

Chocolate chips… in cranberry muffins (I just pulled a fresh batch out of the oven… they’re gluten free and amazing).


If you could have a superpower what would it be? Why?

I already read super fast, but I’d definitely like something that lets me run superfast. I want to be the Flash. True fact.


Fancy restaurant or picnic?

Picnic–with BBQ takeout. I live in Detroit and we’ll take Slows To Go out to Belle Isle. It’s awesome.


Beer or wine?

Hard Cider


Favorite author?

Jennifer Crusie


Smooth or hairy?

Smooth–we’re talking terriers, right?


Thanks so much for having me. I hope you check out All In available now!




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