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One Night in Reno



One Night in Reno

by Rogenna Brewer


Genre: Romantic Suspense


Life is full of unexpected turns…

Jenny Albright’s gas tank runs as dry as her luck in the Nevada desert. Until Chief Petty Officer Garrett “Itch” Erickson swoops in to rescue her, her young son and their beagle pup. Accepting help from the Navy SEAL might be the best decision Jenny’s made in a long time.

Garrett sees his past in the single mom’s not-so-bright future. But does his offer to marry Jenny—until she lands on her feet—come from a sense of duty or the need to be rescued himself? When Jenny’s past catches up to them—for better or for worse—their marriage of convenience is put to the test.


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Rogenna Brewer


Celebrating more than half a million books in print!

In my life I’ve been a rebel, a sailor, a petty officer and an author. Served in the United States Navy in such exotic locals as Midway Island and The Pentagon. Married a Nuke. Kaboom! And have three sons as a result.

I write happily ever afters about men and women in uniform.

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“From Navy Vet to Romance Novelist. Not just a job, thirteen years of Navy SEAL research.”
~ Rogenna


My Review:

From the very first line, I was invested in Jenny Albright’s story and felt empathy for her situation. I think most of us have felt desperation at one time or another and maybe we’ve even hoped for a knight on a white horse to come galloping in and save the day.

Chief Petty Officer, Garrett “Itch” Erickson answered Jenny’s prayers and saved her and her son from dire circumstances.

What follows is a heart-warming story of two people who find comfort and safety within the bounds of an unexpected relationship.

Favorite lines:

“Put your clothes back on.” He held her at arms length while he picked up her discarded dress and covered everything except her humiliation. “I know you’re scared―” His kindness was her undoing. Her tears fell in earnest.

Brewer, Rogenna (2013-05-23). One Night In Reno (The Silver Strand Officers’ Club) (Kindle Locations 452-454). Rogenna Brewer. Kindle Edition.


The book is for anyone who dreams of a second chance.

I give One Night in Reno 4 lovely kisses


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