It’s the Little Things #MFRWauthor #FamilyFirst



This past weekend was cause for celebration. My grandson turned nine years old!

A few years ago when we moved from our home and followed my daughter to the west coast so that we could help with the care of our boy, we didn’t realize we would want to stay. He was five at the time and about to enter the school system for the very first time, {yikes} and needed care after school while my daughter attended university.

She came here with the dream of becoming a marine biologist, and four years later, she’s close to fulfilling that goal.

As for her dad and I, we’re grateful for the opportunity to live close enough to be there for our grandchild, as we were for our girl.

The older I get, the more time seems to slip through my fingers. It seems like just yesterday that I was sending my girl off to kindergarden, watching her grow up, teaching her to drive, and holding her hand when she needed us.


Now she’s doing the same with her boy.



Training him to ride a bike.



To learn the value of being a team player.

IMG_1533-e1462599220832-225x300 (1)



We’re so very proud of both of them!




It’s funny how you look back on life and it’s the little things that turn out to mean the most. So today I wanted to take a moment and share some of the many reasons I have for being grateful, and the blessing grandchildren bring to our lives.

Happy birthday, my boy. Grandma and Papa love you to Jupiter and beyond (because the moon isn’t far enough, as you kindly informed us :))



Aiden almost 7 yrs old-March 2014

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