All She Wanted by Kathryn Jane #BookReview #mgtab @Author_Kat_Jane

All She Wanted


The only thing standing between Angie and her happily ever after is the stubborn man she’s in love with…and a deadly group of criminals.

She loves him
Angie Meyers loves her mystery man–the father of her teenaged son–and wants desperately for them to live as a family.
He loves her
Dr. Matthias Alejandro Martinez is comfortable with things as they are. His ground-breaking research keeps him busy while he remains invisible to the world, and he loves the stolen moments he has with the mother of his child.
But it’s complicated
Meyers Security will have to take down a deadly group of organized criminals–with unexpected bedfellows–before there’s even a remote chance for Angie and Matt to have their happily ever after.

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About the Author:

Kathryn Jane


Award winning author Kathryn Jane writes the kind of books that keep you up at night because you just have to know what happens next!

Whether she’s telling you about the time she misplaced a Thoroughbred racehorse at thirty-thousand feet (inside a 747), or about the character who won’t part with her lover’s secret identity, Kathryn’s passion for story telling shines through. Likewise her sense of humor and determination are vital components in her her books and the way she lives her life–dug in and pushing forward with a positive attitude.

She loves penning stories about women with brass balls, mushy hearts, a great sense of humor, and a bit of ESP. Real women who have to work hard at understanding themselves, and at accepting the men who dare to love them.

Kathryn lives in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by the things she loves–the ocean, the color turquoise, her aging but charming prince and his sappy dog, horses, and a tuxedo feline who keeps them all under his command.

She loves to hear from her readers through any of these addys



My Review:

I love reunion romances. There’s just something about a love that lasts through time even though the H/H go through a separation period. It tends to make the reader more empathetic to the character’s plight. Kathryn Jane has taken this theme and twisted it on its side!

Angie Meyers has been in love with the same man, the father of her teenage son, for most of her adult life.

Dr. Matthias Martinez can’t afford to care too deeply for anyone- their lives count on it. But when given an ultimatum by the woman he’s been secretly seeing for years, he has to choose whether to live for the moment or disappear from her life forever.

When a deadly group of organized criminals track them down, Matt and Angie have to work together or risk losing everything.

I give All She Wanted 5 lovely kisses


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