Wind River Wrangler by Lindsay McKenna #Romance #mgtab @LindsayMcKenna


Wind River Wrangler

by Lindsay McKenna


GENRE: Contemporary Romance



From the moment Roan Taggart picked up the pretty redhead at the Jackson Hole airport, his training and experience told him she was spooked. She’s left New York City to visit the Wind River Ranch, where Roan is a wrangler, and just as he can pick up a horse’s mood, he can feel the tension coming off her body. And that vulnerability is triggering all his protective instincts . . .

Shiloh Gallagher likes the gray-eyed cowboy’s dry humor—and the Special Forces background that lends him a stoic, powerful presence. But she’s been scarred by trauma and her mother’s murder . . . and knows a strong man can be dangerous. She came to wide-open Wyoming to flee a threat that’s left her unable to write her novels. Now, as she rides horses with Roan and helps him build an isolated cabin, she’s slowly letting down her guard. But danger has followed her west, and they won’t have a future together unless they defeat a killer from her past . . .





“You’re afraid.”

Roan’s low deep voice flowed through her wall of fear. She saw questions in his eyes. What was she afraid of? “Not of you.”

Nodding, Roan cupped her hands within his spare ones, studying them. “The fear you have is deep, Shiloh.”

“It has nothing to do with you.” She saw that hooked, one-cornered smile tug at his mouth. His eyes never left hers; as if he were memorizing her, burning her into his mind, his heart. His soul? She didn’t want to go there. Didn’t want to think beyond tonight.

“I think it does.”

Her lips thinned and she looked away, feeling the roughness of his fingers upon hers. Her flesh was starving for his touch, tiny jolts of heat flying continuously up her hand and into her wrist as he gently moved them within his fingers. He handled her as if she were a priceless, fragile being who might shatter if touched wrongly. Forcing herself to look up at Roan, she saw his eyes had grown gentle with questions once more. The man inspired trust. Now she was getting a taste of what he’d said earlier about villagers trusting the A-team members. Roan cultivated it like breathing.

“I—” she stumbled, frowning. Shiloh felt ashamed in even admitting it to Roan, but she pushed herself because he was a man of honor. He presented himself exactly as he was. No games. No mask. No charade. Roan deserved her honesty. “I don’t have a good track record with men,” she began in a halting voice. “At a certain point, I break it off…” Shame swallowed her whole and she couldn’t hold the sympathetic look that she saw come to Roan’s gray eyes.

“Is that a promise? Or is it a warning, Darlin’?”



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lindsay McKenna is the pseudonym of award-winning author Eileen Nauman. With more than 135 titles to her credit and approximately 23 million books sold in 33 countries worldwide, Lindsay is one of the most distinguished authors in the women’s fiction genre. She is the recipient of many awards, including six RT Book Reviews awards (including best military romance author) and an RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award. In 1999, foreseeing the emergence of ebooks, she became the first bestselling women’s fiction author to exclusively release a new title digitally. In recognition of her status as one of the originators of the military adventure/romance genre, Lindsay is affectionately known as “The Top Gun of Women’s Military Fiction.” Lindsay comes by her military knowledge and interest honestly—by continuing a family tradition of serving in the U.S. Navy. Her father, who served on a destroyer in the Pacific theater during World War II, instilled a strong sense of patriotism and duty in his daughter.

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Lindsay will be awarding a digital copy of Wind River Wrangler to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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