Do You Have a Bucket list? #Inspiration #lifegoals #mgtab



Do you have a bucket list?

The older I get, the more I dream about things I’d like to do before I leave this earth.

Here are my top five:




I love the idea of sailing. A bottle of wine, the perfect companion, billowy white sails, it doesn’t get much more romantic than that. 🙂




I’m amazed by architecture and sculptures. Some of the oldest and most intricate pieces reside in Italy. I could spend weeks in this beautiful country.




Is there anything as amazing or beautiful than our oceans? I’d love to scuba dive off the Caymen islands or Australia one day. To see the coral reefs and marine life would be a true dream come true.




I’m not sure about white-water rafting, but I would love to visit the backcountry of Canada and this would be a fun way to do it!


And number five:

I dream of seeing my books on the shelves in book stores and libraries. That would be the ultimate thrill and verification that I’ve made it as an author.

Who knows, maybe none of these will ever happen, or maybe all of them will.

It doesn’t hurt to hope!


September 5, 2017 will see the release of my twelve novel, Tempted by Mr. Wrong. I’ve always been fascinated by the dynamics in blended families. How do they learn to live together, trust each other, grow together? What about if the children aren’t really children at all? And what if they gain feelings for each other?




Tempted by Mr. Wrong

How can something so wrong, feel so right?

Falling for her step-brother is a mistake T.J. doesn’t want to repeat, but one look into those sapphire blue eyes and she’s ready to give him whatever he wants.

Tammy-Jo Hawthorne’s marriage was floundering, but she never expected her husband to make her the laughing stock of Magnolia.

And she definitely didn’t expect to trip over him in their front yard after he’d been murdered.

Jason McIntyre was forced out of his home and the love of his life by the man who’d haunted his nightmares for ten long years.

Now Jason’s back–and he wants revenge.

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  1. I love your bucket list, Jacquie. I share many of those goals. (The one that I question is the scuba diving. I used to love the ocean, and I’ve been snorkeling in Jamaica, but these days, I’m too afraid of sharks to venture in. Oh, to be young and brave again.) Best wishes with your release… maybe this is the one that will scratch number 5 off your list!


  2. What an inspiring post! I used to have a bucket list but then I did everything. So, maybe it’s time for a new bucket list. Good luck with yours, Jacquie, and good luck with your upcoming release. I can’t wait to read it!

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  3. Great bucket list. I’ve always wanted to live on a house boat. And do the Huck Finn thing and boat down the Ohio River to the Mississippi and down to the Gulf. I live in white rafting country and prefer my kayak on gently flowing rivers. And your book sounds wonderful. I love exploring topics like that one. Can’t wait to read.

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    1. Oh, your list sounds wonderful! I love the idea of stepping out my door each morning to have coffee on the water 🙂
      I’m a Huck Finn fan too. Tom Sawyer was great, but there’s just something about the bad boy adventurer, lol. It would be fun to write a story about a grown up Huck meeting his match, hmm… need to remember that idea!

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