Kindness is the ultimate headline, don’t you think?

Kathryn Jane shares tales of #inspiration and #kindness found during the recent catastrophic events plaguing our world. This is a Must-Read!

sisterhood of suspense

By Kathryn Jane

 Here most of us sit in front of our monitors and televisions, watching disasters unfold, and what I’m seeing time after time, in spite of the horrible click-bait type of headlines, is Kindness!

 I’m seeing:

 People of all races, ethnic backgrounds, and stages of financial security helping each other.

 Posts of gratitude by those reasonably well off, who have been hit by Hurricane Harvey just the same way the poor were hit

 People regardless of socio-economic background gobsmacked by the kindness offered them by fellow human beings.

 Video footage of men and women reaching out to each other in a time of need.

 Groups, whole groups of people hooking up their expensive hauling rigs and driving INTO the fire zones to rescue horses and pigs and llamas and any other critter who needs a ride out before the flames wipe…

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