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The Best Man’s Proposal
by Wynter Daniels
Series: Hamilton Sisters, #2
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Publisher:  Entangled Publishing

Release Date: September 18, 2017



Niki Hamilton had her hopes pinned on moving to Europe with her boyfriend. But then he dumped her. By text message. Just before her sister’s wedding. Left dateless in a flamingo-pink monstrosity of a bridesmaid dress, she decides to drown her sorrows in a glass of tall, dark, and handsome.

Firefighter Grant Powers has been burned by love, but when his best friend’s new sister-in-law falls into his arms—and stays there for one sexy night—he enjoys the experience a little too much. Then a rental snafu leaves Niki temporarily homeless. So, gentleman and masochist that he is, Grant offers his spare bedroom. Despite the smoldering sexual tension between them, starting anything would be playing with fire.

Now, they just have to survive living together for a few weeks…


Great sex was great sex, and what she and the best man at her sister’s wedding had done went beyond that. Like off-the-charts amazing.

She stretched languorously and rolled onto her side, prying her eyes open. And there he was, lying on his side, all six-foot-plus of the hottest best man she’d ever seen. The tangle of hotel sheets covered him from just below his waist down to his shins, leaving the rest of his incredibly hot form bare for her to feast her eyes upon. And feast she did.

Her appetizer was his handsome face—strong jaw line and cheekbones, and a cleft in his chin. She didn’t usually go for that scruffy look, but the light dusting of whiskers only added to his appeal.

The main course had to be those linebacker shoulders, muscled chest, and six-pack abs. Dessert was under the sheets, but damn, it had satisfied her sweet tooth.

Too bad the one night with him was all she’d ever have, but that was definitely for the best.







As a child, Wynter Daniels told her parents she wanted to be an archeologist, an actress or a sculptor. Unfortunately she didn’t demonstrate the natural ability to sculpt or to bring an audience to tears with her Ophelia. Nor could she stand getting dirt under her fingernails. But she could always talk her way out of anything by spinning quite a colorful tale.

Wynter has authored more than three dozen romances, including contemporary, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance books for several publishers including Entangled Publishing and Carina Press, and she writes for Kristen Painter’s Nocturne Falls Universe. She is also one of the foursome known as The Jewel Box Authors who write the Jewel Box Anthology series.

She lives in sunny Florida with her family and a spoiled kitty named Chloe.

Find her on the web at, at Facebook, and Twitter.






Read the second irresistible installment in the Happily Inc series… You Say It First by @susanmallery #BookReview #Romance @InkSlingerPR



From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Fool’s Gold romances Susan Mallery, comes the second standalone title in the Happily, Inc. Series—YOU SAY IT FIRST! You’re invited to visit Happily, Inc., a wedding destination founded on a fairy tale. Where people live… wait for it… happily ever after.

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From the #1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Susan Mallery, read the second irresistible installment in the Happily Inc series!

Mathias Mitchell’s easy smile hides a world of hurt. After the worst kind of family betrayal, he moves to Happily Inc., California—the wedding destination town supplies a steady stream of bridesmaids, perfect for his “no promises, no pain” lifestyle. Yet he can’t stop watching for his beautiful, elusive neighbor on the animal preserve behind their homes.

Gamekeeper Carol Lund knows she’s not special enough to attract an alpha male like Mathias, so his offer to help her adopt a herd for her lonely giraffe is surprising—and his determined seduction, even more so. But just as she finally welcomes him into her bed, his careless actions crush her heart. Will she give him a second chance to prove she’ll always come first in his heart?

Don’t miss You Say It First, the first book in the Happily Inc series.



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The Sweet Dreams Inn off of Eternal Drive was the stuff of nightmares—at least for Ulrich. His plan had been to leave Happily Inc after he concluded his business with Violet Lund—thief and swindler—return to Los Angeles and catch a flight back to England. Only nothing had gone according to plan.

His meeting with the surprisingly attractive and very animated woman had left him feeling both awkward and confused. She had been able to produce a bill of sale for the buttons his grandmother had sent, and buttons were not what had been stolen from the house. Was she not the thief and if not her, then who?

Ulrich had driven to LA only to reschedule his flight and return to Happily Inc. The Sweet Dreams Inn had been the first hotel he’d seen, so he’d pulled in. Too late he’d discovered it was a themed hotel with each of the rooms representing something ridiculous. For reasons not completely clear to him, he’d agreed to a couple of nights in the Drive-In room, which was how he found himself with a mattress fit into a red, 1959 Cadillac convertible, a television the size of a movie screen and a sitting room decorated like a concession stand. Even he had to admit the car was beautiful—with big fins and white-walled tires. Still, it wasn’t where one expected to sleep. Regardless of the strange surroundings, the Wi-Fi was excellent and the kitchen delivered meals to his room.

Ulrich had spent nearly a day researching Violet Lund and antique buttons only to come to the conclusion that it was more than possible that she had been telling the truth. There was money to be made in the world of buttons. Even more troubling, it seemed Miss Violet Lund was nothing more than a very honest shopkeeper.

She had no criminal record, no trouble with the IRS, not even a ticket. He’d used several online sites to investigate her and she’d come back annoyingly normal and law abiding. How could he have been so wrong?

He was never wrong—he made it a point to be sure of things. He’d only been seriously fooled once in his life and that had been by his ex-wife Penelope. In that case, the deception had been deliberate—at least on her part. Thinking about that didn’t help him at all, and he mentally turned his back on his former wife. The bigger question was what to do about Violet. He’d slept on the information, then had woken up in the morning with no clear idea of what to do next.

After showering, he ordered breakfast and knew he had to come up with a plan—only he had no idea what it would be. He opened another file on his computer and reviewed the list of missing items provided to him by his housekeeper and his own investigation.

The trouble had started three months ago when Ulrich had ordered a complete inventory of the house, including the attics. The project had taken over a month and they’d discovered some truly wonderful pieces. But many things had also been missing.

The public rooms were closely monitored and protected, and the guests who stayed in the hotel wing didn’t have access to the private residence without an escort. The previous inventory had been conducted by his father, nearly five years before. Ulrich had no way of knowing what had been taken when. Or so he’d thought.

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My Review

I love Susan Mallery’s writing style. She has just the right amount of attraction to make the romance believable and had me turning the pages hoping these two couples would figure out how much they belonged together.

Carol holds a special place in my heart; she thinks she’s far too plain and practical to attract the likes of Mathias Mitchell, playboy extraordinaire. Little does she realize he has issues of his own. Their love story will soften even the hardest heart!

When Millie, the giraffe, causes an accident with British nobleman, Ulrich Sherwood, he ends up stranded in Happily Inc. under the care of the woman he’d accused of stealing from his family.

Violet should have apologized for her sister’s giraffe and left the injured Duke to manage on his own, but something about his distinguished good looks and that sexy accent drew her to offer her services. Will these two find a way to overcome their differences, or will their hearts be broken?

This is one of those feel-good stories that will leave you smiling long after the last page is turned.

I give Second Chance Girl 5 lovely kisses- highly recommended reading!



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AND don’t miss the first standalone title in the Happily, Inc. Series, YOU SAY IT FIRST! Grab your copy today!


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About Susan Mallery:

#1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery writes heartwarming and humorous novels about the relationships that define women’s lives—family, friendship, romance. She’s best known for putting nuanced characters into emotionally complex, real-life situations with twists that surprise readers to laughter. Because Susan is passionate about animal welfare, pets play a big role in her books. Beloved by millions of readers worldwide, her books have been translated into 28 languages.

Susan lives in Washington state with her husband, two ragdoll cats, and a small poodle with delusions of grandeur. Visit her online at



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Honest Intentions by Kennedy Layne #RomSuspense #Read @InkSlingerPR @KennedyL_Author


USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne continues the Safeguard Series with this fast-paced romantic suspense novel that leads the SSI team on the trail of a serial killer who continually seems to be one step ahead…

Coen Flynn has always done the right thing, even it meant siding against his own family. His sense of justice was what led him to take a job in law enforcement, though his choice of agency was a bit unorthodox. His current assignment was believed to be a simple protection detail.  He was never supposed to be identified by his charge, but a murder took priority and changed the course of his mission.

Brettany Lambert’s life is suddenly rocked when she finds the body of a dead friend on the eve of what was supposed to be a special wedding. Now Brettany and Coen are trapped in the middle of a blizzard and their attraction will fuel the heat of temptation. Good intentions always have a way of backfiring, but his desired intent won’t matter if a notorious serial killer can finish what he started.

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Honest Intentions Graphic 1


“Brettany?” Coen didn’t bother to take off his boots, though he didn’t cross the line where the entry tile and the hardwood floor of the living room met in a seamless transition. “Come on out! Someone wrecked into one of your trees out front.”

“What?” Brettany asked before she rounded the corner. She was hastily making her way across the room and putting on her boots before he could stop her. “Please tell me it wasn’t Mr. Landry down the street. He promised me he’d be back before the storm hit. Do we need to call 911?”

“Where do you think you’re going?” Coen asked, shaking his head before he even finished the last word. Two minutes ago, she was scared shitless that a serial killer had come to kill her in cold blood. “I didn’t mean for you to come outside. I only meant the coast was clear. I need a flashlight so that I can check to see how bad the damage is to your house. A downed limb could have damaged the roof. I’m assuming a large branch fell, but the storm is too heavy for me to make it out from the lights out front. Turn on any outside floodlights you have so that I can evaluate the damage, if there is any.”

“I’m not worried about the house, Coen.” Brettany shot him a look of disapproval. She grabbed her jacket and was hastily shoving her arms in the sleeves as she turned toward the door. “We might need to get Mr. Landry an ambulance.”

“Brettany, it’s not Landry. As a matter of fact, the driver left on foot heading west.” Coen grabbed the hood of her coat to prevent her from reaching the doorknob, causing her upper body to bend as she took another step forward. “Would you stop, please? There’s no need for you to go outside in this weather. I need you to get me a flashlight and turn on your outside lights.”

Brettany batted his hand away from her hood with a frown before turning to face him.

“Why didn’t you say that in the first place?” Brettany spun around anyway, holding her hands up to the window so that she could see outside. “Whose car is it?”

“I don’t know,” Coen replied as he lifted his jacket off the coat rack. “It’s not someone from the neighborhood. If you could grab me that flashlight, I’ll take a look around and also check the glove compartment to see who it belongs to. Maybe we can find a number and call to make sure the driver made it home safe on foot.”

Coen breathed a little easier when she pulled away from the door. She passed him, only to stop at the entryway table. She then opened one of the two drawers, magically producing an old mag-light type flashlight. He took it from her and ensured that it was in working order, narrowing the focus to midrange. He’d been about to thank her when she had to go and set his teeth on edge. She’d produced a second mag-light and her intentions were obvious.

“Just out of curiosity, does your class listen to instructions as well as you do?” Coen was now standing between her and the door. He didn’t have any plans to move while she had it in her head that she was joining him outside. “Or do they just do as they please, just like their teacher?”

Brettany had already pulled the hood of her jacket over her curls, causing her green eyes to appear brighter as she stared at him in confusion. They finally cleared with understanding, but it was easy for him to see that a storm was brewing—and he wasn’t talking about the one outside.

“You know, I’ve had a really tough week. I don’t need to be ridiculed by you, Mr. Flynn.” Brettany set one hand on her waist and used the flashlight to point in his direction in order to stress every word she said. “A friend of mine was murdered, another one is to blame, and then you arrive on my doorstep to tell me you’ve been watching me for—”

Brettany waved her flashlight at Coen, trying to prompt a response.

“Around a month,” Coen played along, sympathetic to what she’d been through this past week. “And your point?”

“A month?” His timetable had apparently thrown her off balance, because she pushed back her hood with the flashlight and stared at him in disbelief. “A month? You’ve only been across the street for a week, as far as I knew.”

“I was camping in your backyard, just inside the edge of the woods, for about three weeks prior to that,” Coen admitted, not feeling guilty in the least. It had been his job to keep her safe, and he’d accomplished that. He’d even had eyes on her up at the campground the entire time, though that hadn’t helped Heidi Connolly. “Brettany, all I’m trying to say is that I’d rather you stay inside while I check the house for damage. There is no need for you to expose yourself. I’ll grab some papers out of the glove compartment for you to try and reach the driver, just to reassure yourself that they are inside somewhere safe, sound, dry, and warm.”

“Fine.” Brettany set the flashlight down on the entry table with a thud. “But only if you start calling me Brett. Only my parents use my full name. I’m beginning to think you are channeling my father.”

“Not going to happen on either count.” Coen flashed a smile, although he’d waited to disagree with her until after she’d removed her jacket and hung it up on one of the empty hooks. “I knew a Brett back in high school. He tried to steal a kiss from my girl under the bleachers during a football game that I happened to be playing at the time.”

“You’re just full of stories of woe, aren’t you?”

“I’ll make you a deal,” Coen coerced, relaxing somewhat now that Brettany was taking off her boots. “You finish frosting those cupcakes so that I can eat a few, and I’ll tell you some tales of my time in the service that will have you laughing the rest of the night—guaranteed.”

Coen didn’t wait for Brettany’s answer, not wanting to give her time to change her mind about staying behind. Regardless that he’d cleared the area of any threats, it was still better to keep her inside during a massive snowstorm that had only just begun.  At least two feet of snow was predicted, but that wasn’t Coen’s concern at the moment. He turned the flashlight on and scanned the beam across the front yard before zeroing in on the vehicle.

Why would an otherwise normal driver leave the scene of a crash, abandoning his or her car while leaving the door open with the keys inside?

Something wasn’t adding up, and his first priority had to be ensuring Brettany’s safety.


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About Kennedy Layne

Kennedy Layne is a USA Today bestselling author. She draws inspiration for her military romantic suspense novels in part from her not-so-secret second life as a wife of a retired Marine Master Sergeant. He doubles as her critique partner, beta reader, and military consultant. They live in the Midwest with their teenage son and menagerie of pets. The loyal dogs and mischievous cats appreciate her writing days as much as she does, usually curled up in front of the fireplace. She loves hearing from readers–find out how to connect with her at

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