Ani’s Advent Invitation: Christmas Reflections with D. G. Kaye

A beautiful #Holiday #poem by D.G. Kaye as first shown on Sue Vincent’s blog.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Well, so far, for my campaign to not be dressed in something silly this year..after the antler debacle… I’ve had letters from cats, dogs, and various other creatures, including two-legses. What is really heartwarming is that, seeing a small dog in need of some serious help here, everyone has pulled together, old friends and new, for a fellow creature in (potential) trouble.

And it isn’t serious trouble, not this time anyway. Just a small attack on my dignity….and I don’t have all that much of it that I can afford to lose any more!

Now, lots of two-legses around the blogosphere seem to be ready to help when folks of various species need a hand or a paw… and ‘specially at Christmas. Wouldn’ it be nice if everybody  did the same, all year round? Debby seems to think so too…

D. G. Kaye

‘Tis the season of Christmas filling…

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