Would A Real Man Say That?

Kathryn Jane talks about writing from a male POV on the Sisterhood of Suspense blog today. Stop by and share your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you 🙂

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by Kathryn Jane

Good question.

I am a woman, and therefore, as enlightened as I like to think I am, I still have a female point of view…which can sometimes be annoyingly skewed.

As a writer, I am often writing in a male point of view and like to think I do a damned good job of it because throughout my life I have worked side by side with many men, and have a decent understanding of how the male mind operates. Or so I thought.

But here’s the thing.

Readers constantly say they love how real, how authentic my male characters are. But are they?  Or do I follow the myth of what women generally believe? Perhaps the men I create are the kind we would like to have in our lives.

The question then becomes, does it matter? Fiction is fiction after all, and creating characters a reader…

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Betrayal. Retribution. Redemption? Taking Fire by @CindyGerard #BookReview #RomSuspense #Reading



The most explosively sexy One-Eyed Jacks adventure yet from the RITA Award-winning, New York Times bestselling romance author whose name is “synonymous with high stakes and high action” (RT Book Reviews)!

Betrayal. Retribution. Redemption?

Six years ago, tough-as-nails military contractor Bobby Taggart met the woman of his dreams in war-torn Kabul—a sexy, whip-smart war correspondent who approached him at a local bar, took him to bed, made him fall in love…and then mysteriously disappeared. In her wake, the terrorist leader he’d been mining for valuable intel was assassinated—then Bobby discovered his phone had been bugged. And he’s pretty damn sure he’s been played for a fool.

Now, a covert security mission for the U.S. Embassy in Oman unexpectedly reunites him with Talia Levine, the woman who betrayed him and broke his heart. And there’s one more secret she hasn’t told him—one that will change his world. But as the heat of anger mixes with a still-simmering passion, dangerous forces close in, their sights set on Talia. Trust is the only way they will survive—but with their lives in the balance, can Bobby risk trusting her again?



Cindy Gerard

New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Cindy Gerard has forty plus titles in print. In addition to 7 RITA nominations and 2 Rita wins, Cindy has numerous RT nominations and various awards to her credit. Each book of her single title romantic suspense series, Black Ops Inc, has appeared on the New York Times Bestseller top 20 list. Cindy writes sexy, heart-pounding romantic suspense and has had her work twice featured in COSMOPOLITAN Magazine as Red Hot Reads.
Visit her online at CindyGerard.com



My Review

Holy smokes!!


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Talk about action-packed suspense and gut-wringing emotion! This book had it all.

After Boom-Boom (Bobby Taggert) is betrayed by a woman in Kabul he vows never to fall victim to a pretty face again. So imagine his shock when he runs into the same war correspondent-turned-spy six years later, moments before a bomb detonates and almost wipes him off the face of the planet?

Talia Levine knows Bobby has a reason to hate her, even more than he can guess. But when militant soldiers steal her son she has no choice other than turning to Bobby for help.

Can these two find a way to overcome past mistakes in order to save a boy and maybe find a chance at a future together, or will the evil chasing them win the battle?


Stories like this gave me my love of romantic suspense. There’s so much raw emotion it practically bleeds right off the page, and overlaying that is a life and death situation to kick up the heart rate and keep me up way past my bedtime!

I give Taking Fire 5+ lovely Kisses- Fantastic!!