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Shopping for a Baby’s First Christmas
Julia Kent
(Shopping, #15)
Publication date: December 6th 2018
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance

My mother wants all her kids and grandkids to spend Christmas Eve at her house and wake up on Christmas morning together.

Sounds reasonable, right?

And it would be.

If it weren’t my mother.

My husband, Declan, is protesting any involvement, though he’s openly intrigued by the idea of claiming his territory by suggesting we have sex in my childhood bed.

And by ‘suggest,’ I mean make a series of really hot offers that make me whimper when I have to say no.

Wait – why am I saying no again?

Mom has turned her house into a Christmas showcase that makes Frankenmuth look like the picked-over clearance rack at Target on December 26. You know those crazy people on Etsy who make felted gnomes out of belly button lint and use … a certain kind of hair… to make thatched roofs on little decorative elf homes?

Those people are saner than my mother.

There is no force of nature stronger — and more emotionally volatile — than a fifty-something grandmother determined to create holiday memories.

Wait a minute. Maybe there is.

My husband.

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“Mmmmm,” I hear myself purring as I open my eyes in the big king-size bed at our Victorian B&B here in the Berkshires. A bed that I can stretch out in, because I smell coffee from afar and Dec isn’t between the sheets.

Neither is our seven-month-old daughter, Ellie.

I have the entire bed to myself. I might be married to a billionaire, but when you’re the mother of a clingy baby, this right here is true luxury.

A whiff of cinnamon accompanies that coffee and now I wonder if I’m dreaming. My naked body rolls against the high-thread-count Egyptian cotton and my legs are smooth. As I stretch, I realize my nipples are free. No one is touching me.

This must be a dream.

In real life, there would be a baby babbling “Da da da da da” in tones that either mean happiness, terror, hunger, or plain old pay-attention-to-me-now-because-I-am-the-center-of-the-universe, you-underling.

But not now.

In real life, there are always busy fingers exploring my ears and pulling my earrings and poking into my my mouth when I try to talk on the phone.

And in real life, little teeth bite down, hard, when my milk runs out.

So I must be dreaming, because as I open my eyes, a handsome, hot, endlessly naked man is smiling at me, hair tousled over his forehead as he holds two steaming mugs of coffee and says in a low, happy voice, “You’re up!”

Author Bio:

Gillian has a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering but prefers to spend her time on happily ever after. She writes the kind of stories she loves to read—the hotter the better!

When Gillian’s not pounding away on the keyboard, she can be found surfing the couch indulging in her latest reality tv fixation, baking something ridiculously tasty (and horrible for her waist line) or snuggling with her husband.

Home is currently in the wilds of Nevada with her amazing husband, ridiculously cute kiddo, and goofy dog.

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The Fog by Amanda McKinny #amreading #mystery @XpressoReads

The Fog
Amanda McKinney
(A Berry Springs Novel)
Publication date: December 4th 2018
Genres: Adult, Mystery, Romance

Former Marine turned ballistics expert, Wesley Cross is known around town for two things, his rugged good-looks and cocky attitude—until he finds his ex-girlfriend lying in a puddle of blood in his basement. The scene screams setup, but the discovery of a rare gem and a puzzling autopsy suggests the murder goes much deeper than that. Wesley will do whatever it takes to clear his name, including calling in a notoriously headstrong—and sexy—scientist.

While most little girls were playing dress up, Gwyneth Reece was digging in the dirt collecting bugs. Now one of the top forensic entomologists in the country, Gwen reluctantly accepts a job from a pushy cowboy and travels to the small, Southern town of Berry Springs. Heavy storms are brewing, and when she’s forced to check into the creepiest hotel she’s ever seen, she instantly regrets her decision to help out the former Marine.

Following up on a tip, Wesley heads to the Half Moon Hotel but quickly realizes his visit was not by chance. The killer lured him there, and suddenly everyone from the uptight bellman to the wealthy couple just passing through town become suspect. Bodies begin to disappear, and Wesley knows the killer will do anything to get to him…. including hurting the woman who’s kept his head spinning since he first laid eyes on her.

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Gwen’s stomach rolled as she looked down at the open wound gaping from the young woman’s throat. She could see all the way to the bone. The blood had been drained from her body, leaving bluish-gray skin. She looked like a wax figure in a horror flick.

“Who is she?”

“Leena Ross, age thirty-three. Kidnapped, although that’s assumed, throat slashed, left to bleed to death.”

“Time of death?”

“About midnight Thursday night, technically Friday morning. Close to. She’s been dead around thirty hours, estimated.”

“Where was she found? Inside or outside?”

Jessica paused, and Gwen noticed. “Inside. A basement.”


“Kind of.” She peeled back the sheet and pointed to the knife mark on Leena’s side, that indicated she’d been forced into a car at knifepoint. She then showed her the bruising on Leena’s arms indicating the killer pinned her down from behind to slice her throat.

Gwen shook her head. Young, blonde, beautiful. Wasted life.



“What about her folks? Did they have anything useful?”

“No… no one seems to have any idea who would do this to her.”

“Okay. How can I help?”

“I found insect eggs in her wound.”

Gwen blinked. No way in hell was that why she was flown across the country. She cleared her throat. “Uh, that’s not uncommon.”

“It is for only being dead a few minutes, at the most, before she was found. And for being killed inside a building.”

Her eyebrows tipped up. “Only a few minutes before someone found her?”

“Yep. And she wasn’t left alone after that. Authorities were on the scene almost immediately. They wouldn’t let bugs trample over her.”

“Okay, I see. Yes, this would be uncommon, then.”

Jessica yanked a pair of latex gloves from a box on the silver rolling table and handed them to her. “I was surprised, to say the least. Didn’t add up.”

“You’re sure she was murdered inside? A home, or what?”

Jessica glanced away for a quick second. “Yes. I’m sure, and yes, a home.”

Gwen watched her for a moment. Jessica wasn’t telling her something.

“You’re sure they’re insect eggs? Eggs at all, even?” She slid on the gloves.

“One-hundred percent. I’d say at least half of my bodies come in with maggots. I’m very familiar.”

“And they were in the wound?”

“Almost two inches in.”

Humph. Yes, this was interesting. Something wasn’t adding up.

Jessica continued, “I took samples of the eggs, storing some in alcohol and some in vials over there. They’ve just hatched.”

Gwen frowned in deep thought. “If they’ve just hatched, the eggs were fresh.”

Jessica shrugged. “Not sure; that’s your area. I checked again just a few hours ago, and some are still unhatched.”

Good. That was good.

“We’re obviously hoping you can uncover something to help lead us to whoever did this. My only disturbance to the laceration was removing the eggs to confirm they were indeed eggs. Samples are on the counter, over there.” She motioned toward the far side of the room. “Probably not the most high-tech equipment you’re used to, but not bad for little ol’ Berry Springs.”

“It will work just fine, thanks. Do you have the case file?”

“Oh. Yes, thanks, almost forgot.” She yanked a folder from the counter. “Here you go. Not much there, I’m ’fraid, considering it’s a fresh case. Probably not as thorough as you’d like but it has all the necessary details and initial analysis.” A phone rang from the office up front. “Gotta get that. I’ll leave you alone. Oh, here’s a lab coat and glasses.”

“Perfect, thanks.”

“You need a coffee, water…?”

“No, thanks.”

“Okay, mi casa, su casa. Use whatever you need. Holler if you need anything.”

“Thanks.” She smiled and slipped the lab coat over her clothes as Jessica’s footsteps faded. The white coat was about four sizes too big and the glasses—more like goggles—were, too.

She turned back to the body. Now she knew why she was there, but the only thing she didn’t understand is what Wesley Cross had to do with it. He said he wanted to hire her to get him out of a jam. He had to be involved somehow. Related to the victim, maybe?

She opened up her briefcase and got to work.

Minutes ticked into hours as she worked tunnel-visioned in the silence until a boom of thunder pulled her from her focus. She straightened and glanced at the clock—1:33 p.m. She’d been working for over three hours already. As if on cue, her stomach growled. She took a deep breath, stretched her neck from side-to-side and yanked off her gloves. Maybe a quick break to check email and snack on the protein bar she’d tossed in her purse. And a coffee… a coffee sounded great.

She turned and startled at the dark silhouette of a man standing in the doorway across the room, staring at her.

“Jesus, you scared me.”

The first thing she noticed was the sheer mass of the silhouette. Tall and thick as a bull. He stood motionless, in a way that made her want to check over her shoulder to make sure one of the bodies hadn’t jumped out of the freezer.

She swallowed the knot in her throat, squinted and cocked her head.

“Sorry,” the man said.

She instantly recognized the voice. Wesley Cross.

He stepped into the dark lab and as he walked across the room, the fluorescent light above her slowly illuminated his face.

And butterflies tickled her stomach.


Author Bio:

Award-winning author of romantic suspense and mystery, Amanda McKinney wrote her debut novel, LETHAL LEGACY, after walking away from her career to become a writer and stay-at-home mom. Set in small, Southern towns, Amanda’s books are page-turning murder mysteries peppered with steamy love scenes, and include the BERRY SPRINGS SERIES and the BLACK ROSE MYSTERY SERIES, with many more to come.

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