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Title: The Stand-In Boyfriend

Author: Emma Doherty

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About The Stand-In Boyfriend:

Livy Chapman is in love with Jessie Stephenson. It’s that simple. She has been for years but he only see’s her as his best friend. His best friend who copies her homework, relies on her to bail him out of trouble and who he hooks up with other girls in front of.


Enough is enough and when Chase Mitchell, star of the soccer team, and all round Mr. Popular steps in and convinces her that they can do each other a favour by pretending to date, Livy is just crazy enough over Jessie to agree to it.


I mean, Chase is just her stand-in boyfriend. Nothing could go wrong. Right?


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“What’s Scotty like?”

“He’s a total handful. Seriously, my mom should rent him out to schools—one afternoon with him and it’d be enough to turn teenagers off from having sex for life. Kids are hard work.”

“Oh yeah?” He suddenly perks up, and I blush realizing I just brought up sex. It’s not something we’ve discussed at all before.

“Not that I’d know. I mean, I’ve never…I haven’t…you know…”

He starts to laugh at my complete awkwardness.

“I mean, I know people do it—obviously they do. I’m sure you’ve done it. I mean, I know you have.”

He cocks an eyebrow at me. Oh my God! I am actually talking to Chase about his sex life.

“Oh, sorry. That’s none of my business. It’s just, you know, rumors at school and stuff.”
He shakes his head, but I can see he’s amused.

“I’m sorry, I just—what I mean is, I haven’t ever—”

“Liv! Relax. I get it.”

My face is probably the same shade as Sophie’s favorite lipstick right now. I cannot believe how ridiculous I am.

“It’s a shame though.”

“What is?”

“You not wanting to have sex.”

My jaw hits the floor.

“I mean, you’re an athlete.” He stretches his arms up over his head, all casual like we’re having a perfectly normal conversation. “Your stamina would be great, and my guess is you’d be pretty good at it.”

I just sit there, my mouth opening and closing like a goldfish, at a complete loss for what to say while he nearly kills himself laughing at me. He’s so busy laughing that he doesn’t have time to duck when I launch a pillow at his head with all my strength.



About Emma Doherty:

Emma Doherty was born in Yorkshire, England. She attended university in Newcastle before moving to London. She loves to travel, write, spend time with friends and family and hear from her readers.


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