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Congrats to Staci Troilo writing as D. L. Cross on her new release- The Gate!

Staci Troilo

Ciao, amici! I feel like I was just announcing the release date had been moved up (how unheard of!) and now the release day is HERE!

I’m happy to announce THE GATE is available today!

The Gate

If you like Ancient Aliens, this is right up your alley. Think of it as Indiana Jones meets Falling Skies. There’s travel, mystery, lore, ancient artifacts, government agents, a nefarious cabal, and (you guessed it) aliens.

The Gate is the first of five books in the Astral Conspiracy series, part of the popular Invasion Universe. I hope you’ll celebrate with me.

Universal Purchase Link | More Information | Invasion Universe Newsletter

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15 thoughts on “#BookRelease #scifi Novel: THE GATE #aliens

  1. Good luck with the launch, Stacy!

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  2. Woohoo! I’ve been waiting for this one. Congrats to Staci!

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    1. Thank you, Mae. 👽

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      1. Love the little alien face 🙂

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  3. Jacquie, thanks so much for the reblog! I appreciate the support. ❤

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  4. Oooh, I am going to get this straight away. I am really into sci fi right now.

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    1. Isn’t that an awesome cover? 🙂

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      1. Wish I could take credit. My publisher will be happy to hear this, though.

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    2. Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy it.

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