I disagree!

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Word by Word

by Kathryn Jane

I disagree with lots of what goes by me on FB.

But instead of lashing out, shaking a finger or fist, unfriending or blocking, I sit back and wonder…

Why is this person’s opinion so different from mine?

How can she not see what I see?

Why does she not think like I think?

How can she be so wrong?

That’s when I stop and regroup.

That’s when I suddenly wonder if that person has the same reaction to what I post?

What if she thinks my opinion is way off the wall. My beliefs are out in left field.

What if she decides to unfriend me because my view of the world is so obviously different than the view she has?

Then I smile, thinking about the things we have in common. Things that have nothing to do with our religious or political beliefs…

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16 Replies to “I disagree!”

  1. I’m not that tolerant, to be honest. I don’t want to be friends with anyone who condones child abuse or other forms of violence. There are so many wonderful people that I’d rather spend my time getting to know. 🙂

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  2. I refuse to engage in those pointless debates on FB. Or anywhere else. But I do often wonder how there can be two such divergent opinions on the same subject. It’s nice that someone looks for the commonalities rather than devolving into the muck.

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