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Sweet Home Alaska (Northern Lights #5) By Beth Carpenter Contemporary Romance Mass Market Paperback & ebook, 368 Pages July 1st 2019 by Harlequin Heartwarming

Some sparks last forever.

But once burned…

World traveler Dr. Scott Willingham is known for being calm and levelheaded—except where Volta Morgan is concerned. In the ten years since they parted, Scott still can’t forget her. Now he’s come to Alaska to find Volta and finally let her go, only to find their attraction is stronger than ever. Can Scott leave her behind one last time…or has he truly found a place to call home?



Volta and Mike carried the portable unit through the door of the clinic while Bridget disappeared into the second room, where they could hear Paul’s voice: “That’s it, babe. You’re doing great. Ouch—” Volta chuckled to herself. She’d been on the receiving end of some of those hand clenches during labor. Lori was one of the gentlest people Volta knew, but sometimes it took a lot to make it through those big contractions.

“Hi, everyone. Bridget Hickel, flight nurse. Bad news, I’m afraid,” Bridget announced. “Mount Spurr blew its top, and we’re grounded.”

“The volcano erupted?” Daniel’s voice.

“Yes. We were already two-thirds of the way here, so we kept on coming. Unfortunately, we’re not flying out again until the ash cloud is gone. But we did bring an incubator. They’re carrying it in now.”

“Where do you want it?” Mike asked Volta, swinging his end around to fit it into the waiting room.

Let’s set it here for now,” Volta suggested, nodding toward a clear space against the wall. “It sounds pretty crowded in the exam room.” They set the unit on the floor.

“I’ll head over to Zeke’s and see what he knows,” Mike told Volta. “Unless you need me.”

She’d forgotten Mike’s cousin operated an air taxi service out of Sparks. “I don’t think so since we can’t fly, but I’ll call if we do. Thanks, Mike.”

Volta headed toward the exam room, but before she reached the door, another voice drifted out, reassuring and calm. “Good job, Lori. Not much longer now. Try to relax for a minute. Slow, easy breaths.”

Volta stopped in her tracks. She knew that voice, deep and smooth, with just a bit of drawl. But it couldn’t be. The owner of the voice she knew was working on the other side of the world. No doubt this was some other baritone-voiced doctor from Texas. The voice continued, “You’re at a ten. Doing great. Next contraction, you’ll be able to push.”

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About the Author

Once upon a time …

when Beth Carpenter was a little girl, she read everything she could get her hands on, and entertained herself on the school bus by making up stories in her head. Not a lot has changed. She’s still consuming books like M&Ms, and spends her days creating happily-ever-afters for her imaginary friends.

She lives in Alaska and Arizona with her husband and an aggressively affectionate fifty-pound lap dog. She loves to hear from readers.


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