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Are you struggling with email? Newsletter numbers getting you down? Fewer people opening your messages? No real reaction when you launch a book?

There’s another way—better way.

Imagine having a large list of happy readers who devoured every email you sent. Or launching a book and activating an army of fans who did the selling for you. You could be that person, with the help of Newsletter Ninja.

Newsletter Ninja is a comprehensive resource designed to teach you how to build and maintain a strongly engaged email list—one full of actual fans willing to pay for the books you write, rather than free-seekers who will forget your name and never open your emails.

• Learn new ways to think about your email list
• Re-energize your existing subscribers
• Embrace not just the basics, but next level methods
• Improve engagement and watch those open/click rates soar
• Build a happy list of passionate readers
• Launch your books into the charts

You’ll get a handle on open rates, click rates, and engagement—while also learning about yourself, your readers, and what you’re really selling when you send an email. (Spoiler: it’s not your books.)

Whether you’re building a mailing list, want to grow an existing one, or simply want to raise your email game, Newsletter Ninja has solutions that will work for you.


Tammi Labrecque lives in Bangor, Maine with two kids, three cats, and dozens of fictional characters that keep her awake nights.

She writes under a few pen names across several genres, including romance, fantasy, urban fantasy, mystery, LitRPG, and horror.

Under her own name, you can find her writing romance novels that no one reads or teaching at

My Review

This book has been on my radar for quite a while now. It was highly recommended by marketing guru David Gaughran and The Creative Penn.

I’ve been actively working toward a strong mailing list/author website as I agree with the importance of not counting on social media as a reliable marketing basis.

Tammi explains how to build your newsletter from the ground up. She’s smart, funny and uses easy-to-implement techniques. She also added a host of helpful links in the back to reference just about any questions you might have.

A big section of the book relates to the behind the scenes work needed to set up a successful newsletter (I found some great tips here!) and then she walks us through the best ways to connect with our readers, once we have them, and how to keep them from hitting that unsubscribe button. Also, she explains the importance of gaining an active fanbase as opposed to those who never open our newsletters and therefore bring down our rankings with email providers.

There’s a ton of useful information here. I know I’ll be going through it again and again!

I give Newsletter Ninja 5+ lovely kisses- Add this to your Writer’s Toolbox!

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  1. jenanita01 says:

    I have a feeling I should check this out, as getting nowhere fast on my own!

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    1. Well worth the read. Tammi lays out the essentials in an easy to grasp style.

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    1. Thanks for the share!

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  2. This sounds like such a helpful tool for authors, Jacquie! Great review!

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    1. Thanks, Jennifer. I consider newsletters a must-have for authors!

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  3. This sounds like a great and useful read, Jacquie. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Newsletters are a useful writer’s tool, Robbie. It’s the best way to connect with readers who signed up because they like your work 🙂

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      1. I do know this, Jacquie. It is finding the time to implement all these things – eeek!

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        1. Yeah, that’s where I’m lucky, I get to do this full-time. I’m not sure how you manage to juggle everything!

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  4. Thanks for the review, Jacquie. I recently bought this book, but I’ve had a newsletter for a while. Definitely need the advice. I only need to find the time to read it now.

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    1. It’s done in easy-to-grasp sections, Mary. Well worth the buy!

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  5. Reblogged this on Mary J. McCoy-Dressel Books and commented:
    Sharing with you today, a review from Jacquie Biggar for the highly recommended book, the Newsletter Ninja by Tammi Labrecque.

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    1. Thanks for the share, Mary!

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  6. Mae Clair says:

    I’ve horribly neglected my newsletter list and have one nothing proactive to keep building it. Thanks for the review, Jacquie. I’m going to check this out!

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    1. It takes time to build a loyal fanbase, but so worth it in the end. I get some really nice emails after sending out a newsletter- it’s heartwarming 🙂

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  7. D.L. Finn, Author says:

    I’ve been working on the same thing Jacquie. Sounds like a book with some very useful tips! Thanks for sharing your review of it.

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    1. Well worth the read, Denise. There’s a ton of useful info here!

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  8. I haven’t done a newsletter in ages. I need to check this out.

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    1. Highly recommend this book, Michele!


  9. I really need to get this book, Jacquie. My newsletter has dropped into non-existence. My subscribers think I’m dead. I break out into sweats when I think about it. But I really should do it well if I’m going to do it at all. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I will work up the courage to head to Amazon.

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    1. Tammi makes it fun, Diane, if that’s any help 🙂

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