Visiting #CanadaBeaches- #SundayStills

Sunday Stills Photo Challenge

Cathy Ryan from Picture This is hosting the #SundayStills challenge while Terri Webster Shrandt is away. This week’s theme- beautiful beaches. You can join the challenge here.

Stormy waters facing Fisgard lighthouse

Whether stormy or calm, the beach near our home is fascinating.


Logs from the mills up island drift with the currents and land on the shore to weather into driftwood or return to nature.


Herons, ducks, geese, and even the occasional swan enjoy the bounty from the sea provided at low tide.

Woodpecker created from driftwood
People love to feed the birds

Or accept nourishment from their human friends.

Birds of a feather…

Some of the driftwood pieces are huge!

Ever-changing, our coastline is never boring ❤

20 Replies to “Visiting #CanadaBeaches- #SundayStills”

  1. You have some great beaches on Vancouver Island, very wild and windswept. And you’re right about the driftwood. Some monster bits on the beaches and floating in the water.

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  2. Beautiful photos, Jacquie:) I’m really missing the ocean and beach with the lack of traveling. Those are some really driftwood pieces too. So unique.

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