Memories in Lavender Fields

A beautiful post on the meaning of friendship by Sharon Wray​

Word by Word

I once had a best friend. The kind of friend who felt more like a sister, was one of the best critique partners I’ve ever had, and would do anything for you regardless of the time of day. Unfortunately, this friend, Karen, died a few years ago of brain cancer. And her loss is still a painful hole in my heart.

During this summer’s lockdown, I’ve felt her presence even more keenly. Karen was a summer girl–she loved the pool (which is closed), she was addicted to farmer’s markets (also closed), and loved going on summer adventures like driving hours into the Virginia mountains to find an elusive lavender field.

So one summer a few years ago, while she was taking a break from chemo, I packed her into the car and drove for hours until I found the lavender field. When we got out of the car, the first…

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