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This week I have two wonderfully different books to share!

I’ve been busy trying to get my upcoming release, The SEAL’s Temptation finished in time to go into the multi-author box set, Irresistible- Spring Into Love and unfortunately my reading has lagged. But, I did manage to get two wonderful books done in the last couple of weeks.

Either one of these are recommended reading. Click on the covers to visit Amazon to pick up your copy.

A trip to the desert in search of anomalies for the US government, becomes a quest to save the world for Colonel Jack Morley. A secret facility reveals the presence of an alien, who has traveled back in time with a group of reclaimants, thanks to the facility’s director, Victor Cannon.

CORE Director, Victor Cannon needs to learn why the alien Titan brought a group of people to an area in Georgia and how he controls their minds. If he has to ‘persuade’ the Titan to talk, so be it.

It didn’t matter whose purpose was just or even whose results would help the most people. The only thing that ever counted was who wielded the most power.

The Forgotten- D. L. Cross

There were two tenuous alliances that I absolutely loved. One was between Jack and an alien from Venus.

Jack headed toward the door.

Val cut him off. “This is why I wouldn’t tell you anything before I got you here. I knew you wouldn’t come with me.”

“Of course, I wouldn’t. You’re insane.”

“I assure you, I’m not.”

“You think you’re an alien. From Venus. No, I’m sorry. From inside Venus.” “Is that really the strangest thing you’ve heard or seen in the last twenty-four hours?”

Cross, D.L.. The Forgotten (An Alien Invasion Science Fiction Series) (Astral Conspiracy) (p. 96). Sterling & Stone. Kindle Edition.

And the other fun relationship arose between Cannon and the Titan (Tiny).

“Well, Tiny? Now can we talk?”

Blink. Blink.

“Damn it all to hell. Now what?”

Ha. Just wanted to see what you’d do.

Cross, D.L.. The Forgotten (An Alien Invasion Science Fiction Series) (Astral Conspiracy) (p. 132). Sterling & Stone. Kindle Edition.

This is a fast-paced page-turner with engaging characters and an imaginative plot. Well worth the read!

This is story of a young man’s final journey to his eternal home.

James Wainwright dies of a car crash and meets Sam, the girl he’s loved since they were kids. Sam was murdered years ago, and is in the afterlife to help James settle into his new resting place.

Using James’ ’56 Oldsmobile, the pair wind their way through a variety of times and places, such as The Alamo and WWII. While learning about themselves, they must not do anything to change the outcome of the events or they could change history forever.

When Lucifer makes an appearance, the stakes go up. James must decide whether to wager his soul on the devil or stake his trust in the Lord.

There are heartwarming moments, as well as ones that made me laugh; such as when they woke up naked in the desert. (That can’t be comfortable!)

If you’re looking for a story with a unique plot and a different take on what happens ‘after‘ try Eternal Road today!

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  1. Fantastic reviews, Jacquie! I have not yet read Staci’s series, but it’s on my TBR list. I LOVED John’s “Eternal Road,” and it made my 2020 Top Ten List! Great story! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. Excellent reviews, Jacquie. I’m on book 4 of Staci’s series and it’s been great. I’m looking forward to John’s book too. Now that I’m writing again my reading is falling off. Ack. I have to get going again. Thanks for the recommendations!

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  3. Two lovely books, Jacquie. I have John’s on my TBR. I am also a bit behind with reading and everything else, due to being so busy at work and finalising A Ghost and His Gold which went live today. Good luck with finishing your book.

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  4. Thanks for sharing, Jacquie! I’ve never heard of a book written about alien from Venus, sounds interesting. John Howell’s book has been sitting quietly on my lengthy TBR list for some time. I keep hearing great things about it.

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