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The epic love story begins here!
A hot Texas summer, dim-lit honky-tonk bars, a young naïve fledgling go-go dancer and a wild rebel Texas musician set the stage for this story.
1970 in Abilene, Texas finds young Darlina Flowers trying to figure out how to fit into the world she is most attracted to – the nightlife, live music and go-go dancing. Luke Stone, a veteran Texas Musician believes he’s lost all reason to care about his music career, his health and most especially his heart. A chance meeting with Darlina changes everything. But, is it too late? Has fate already determined the outcome? Join Luke and Darlina on a passion-filled journey up and down Texas roads while Luke and his band entertain crowds along the way.

Can Darlina Flowers ever hope to fit in to this strange new world and even more important, can she trust Luke Stone with her heart?

Luke Stone, a good man who has made a career of bad decisions, falls as completely in love with Darlina as she does with him. But is it too late?

Will their eternal unyielding love survive the test of time, distance and iron bars?


I’ve been an avid reader all my life. I can still remember the excitement that surged through me the first time I realized I could decipher words. Many summers, I won the highest award possible from the Hobbs, NM Public Library for reading the most books.
There’s nothing I love more than losing myself in a story.
Oddly enough, I never had any ambition to be a writer. But I wound up in mid-life with a story that begged to be told. Not just any story, but a true story that rivaled any fiction creation. Through fictitious characters, the tale came to life in an intricately woven tale that encompasses four books. Not satisfied to stop with the books, I released music CDs of original music to match the time period of each story segment.
In conclusion, to bring the story full circle, I published a book of poetry and art. I was done.
The story ideas keep coming, and I don’t intend to turn off the creative fountain.
I am a member of the Author’s Marketing Guild, The Writer’s League of Texas, Romance Writers of America, and the Paranormal Writer’s Guild. I am an avid fan of Texas music and grandmother of five beautiful souls. I reside in North Texas.

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My Review

Set during the wild seventies, Flowers and Stone is an insiders look at the drugs and alcohol so pervasive during the freedom era.

Strictly raised Darlena Flowers is free from her parents’ oppressive control and is anxious to experience the Abilene nightlife. Thrilled with a job go-go dancing in a popular night club, Darlena meets musician Luke Stone and immediately falls head-over-heels in love.

Luke is enchanted by the sweet, young Darlena and actively pursues her until she agrees to an affair. He is too jaded to believe in love, but knows Darlena cares for him and worries she’ll get hurt by the band’s lifestyle. He tries to protect her, but trouble stalks Luke and the price is high.

Flowers and Stone is based on a true story, and while I appreciated the sacrifices Luke made for Darlena, I can’t say I approved of the drugs he encouraged her to take, some of the disparaging comments he used when describing Darlena’s anatomy, or the way he ended their relationship.

That said, it’s obvious how much these two care about each other. They deserve their HEA- I just hope they get it!

I was a young teen in the seventies, so much of the wild life passed me by. How about you? Do you have any crazy experiences from that era to share? Let’s talk…

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51 Replies to “#BookReview- Flowers and Stone by @JanSikes3 #Romance”

  1. I was born in the seventies, so I was sheltered from even more of the harder stuff than you, Jacquie. Still, it was a fascinating era, and this sounds like a fascinating tale, though (because I know it’s based on a true story), potentially heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. This is an excellent book. The whole series is fantastic, and I highly recommend it. I was a young teen in the 70s too, but I did love the era. Jan’s story of her life with Rick is an eye-opener and a tale of true soulmates. Great review, Jacquie!

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      1. Lol, Jacquie. Definitely not my mother’s choice at all. In fact, she didn’t speak to me for close to two years. I regret the pain I caused her, but I was drawn like a moth to a flame and wound up having a lifetime with Luke Stone (aka Rick Sikes). And he redeemed himself many times over both with me and Mom.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this true story, Jacquie. I couldn’t sugarcoat the realities for the sake of a story and totally understand the aversion to the drugs and loose language. I am honored that you took the time to read this story and even more honored that you took the time to review it! Huge hugs to you!

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  4. It is a heartbreaking and inspiring story at the same time. Its something I will never forget.
    It was definitely time of excesses and I was a bit wild for a few years myself.

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  5. As a sixties child, I did see my share of things, although, sheltered by my family as much as possible. We all have a side that longs to let go, but not all of us go to the extreme. How sad and unfortunate.

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  6. I think I would hav had the same issues that you had Jacquie as drug use in books is always a very sensitive topic to me!

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      1. Way to go, Jacquie! Some of my favorite groups. I still get a good head shake or two from the wife as I’m rocking out on YouTube, and she wonders how come her 62-year old husband never left his teens.🤣

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  7. Hi Jacquie, this is a great review of Jan’s book. I think I must read this one. Scenes about drugs don’t bother me as that is the reality of some lifestyles and very interesting to read about. I must say that the 80s in South Africa was a very sheltered and protected place. I had no exposure to anything wild, no drugs, even bottle stores were closed from 1pm on Saturday until Monday morning. I like to experience it all vicariously. Congratulations to Jan.

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