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Life and death conflicts are a part of nature. Some internal, some violent, all lifechanging.

The authors I’m reviewing today take us on a quest for peace that will squeeze your heart and make you count your blessings at the same time.

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If grimdark tales of spiraling destruction and redemption crowd your bookshelf, this fantasy adventure desires a place among them.

My Review

D. Wallace Peach has outdone herself with a harrowing tale of war in the most sacred of lands- Heaven itself.

Rimma and her sister, Angel, are members of the chosen, picked to live and prosper in Heaven’s sanctuary. But when the electrical field begins to crackle and fade, they are tumbled into a land of poverty and desperation. One where the strongest survive and the sisters’ beliefs are challenged in ways they could never have envisioned.

When Rimma witnesses the senseless murder of her father by people known as Biters, it sets in motion a rage that burns in her soul. Angel’s sweet nature is the only thing keeping her under control. They begin to train for the day the Bone Wall protecting their home falls and they are forced to fight or die by the sword. Rimma, worried about her sister’s innocence, draws an oath from Angel.

“You must swear to let me bear all the burdens of our life in the broken world. You must swear to let me endure every suffering and evil that befalls us, allow me to be as vile and vicious and heartless as I need to be to keep you safe.”

Peach, D. Wallace. The Bone Wall: A Post-Apocalyptic Search for Truth (p. 53). D. Wallace Peach. Kindle Edition.

As broken as Rimma is, I connected most with her. She sinks into a dark hole after being violently beaten and raped, yet even as retribution lights a fire in her soul, the killings are done with good intent- to protect those she cares for. And though she is banished for the crime, she can’t quite give up the internal hope for a better life for her sister.

The author raises moral questions of right and wrong in this heartbreaking novel I won’t soon forget. How can a society decide who shall prosper and who will flounder?

I’ll leave you with this:

“All our efforts to protect our future, to bear and raise children, to rebuild a broken world…only to witness thousands more die. Are we so damaged we’re irreparable?”

The Bone Wall: A Post-Apocalyptic Search for Truth (p. 274). D. Wallace Peach. Kindle Edition

Next is a story of courage and love and the unfairness of death.

Full Tilt is a story about what it means to love with your whole heart, to sacrifice, to experience terrible grief and soaring joy. To live life with all its beauty, and all its pain, and in the end to be able to smile through tears and know you wouldn’t have changed a thing.

My Review

This story gutted me. Life can be so incredibly unfair at times.

Kacey Dawson is on a self-destructive course of alcohol, sex, and fame. Her rock band is on the cusp of superstardom, but Kacey is floundering under the disdain of her father and a need to be loved for who she is.

Enter handsome Jonah Fletcher. After a night of excessive drinking, Kacey wakes on her limo driver’s couch and is drawn to the quiet sincerity in Jonah’s eyes and his laidback humor. Knowing she needs to detox and decide on the course of her future, Kacey deserts her band for a few days of Fletcher’s company- a few days that change her life forever.

Jonah has a plan. He needs to finish the glass installation that is to be his legacy, spend time with friends, and Sunday night dinners with his family- that’s it- because Jonah is dying. His body is rejecting the heart transplant he received, and his lifespan can now be measured in months, not years. He can’t afford to let anyone in. He doesn’t want to say goodbye to another person, and he really doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. But Kacey won’t take no for an answer. She sneaks under his armor and gives him the gift of precious moments, memories to take to the end of his days- however short they may be.

Dying, I learned, is a not a team sport. It’s a solitary endeavor. Everyone I loved was standing on dry land, while I was alone on a boat as it slowly pulled away from the shore, and there’s nothing anyone could do about it but watch it happen.

Scott, Emma. Full Tilt (Full Tilt Duet Book 1) (p. 76). Trillian. Kindle Edition.

Kacey is more frightened than she’s ever been in her life. With her background she doesn’t believe she’s strong enough to be the support Jonah needs, but she’s helpless to say goodbye. Her heart is his- forever.

We might not have months or years, but we have moments. Thousands upon thousands of them. Let’s take each moment, seize it and wring it dry.

Scott, Emma. Full Tilt (Full Tilt Duet Book 1) (p. 181). Trillian. Kindle Edition.

Have you ever read a book that leaves you drained yet fulfilled at the same time? This is that book.

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  1. Very interesting books, and so I think exactly in this order a reading pleasure. Thanks for the reminder, Jacquie! Diane never disappoints, and the second one you reviewed will become a great read, now after the solstice, with the longer daylight, and a less darker mood. Appreciate your recommendatioins very much. Have a nice week! xx Michael

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  2. Although I am not a fantasy writer – and probably never could be…I have nothing but the highest admiration for Diana Peach’s beautiful artistry with words. She definitely has a gift Thank you for both reviews; the second sounds a real tear jerker too. Cheers. x..

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    1. I’ve wanted to read The Bone Wall for a while now, that cover is amazing, and the book definitely lived up to it!
      Emma is one of my very favorite authors. She knows how to write unforgettable characters. I even have a quote from one of her books in my Top Five Favorite Quotes along the side panel on my site 🙂

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    2. Thanks for checking out Jacquie’s reviews, Teri. The Bone Wall is my darkest book by far. I couldn’t be happier that Jacquie took a chance on it, and her review made my day. Happy Friday and Happy Reading.

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  3. Two powerful reviews, Jacquie. You’ve done an excellent job selling me on both. I’ve read two of Diana’s books despite not typically reading fantasy because the writing is superb. I have yet to read anything written by Emma, but this one sounds marvelous.

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    1. Diana introduced me to fantasy, and you’re right, her vivid descriptions and characterizations make her books must-buys.
      Emma also has the same depth of characters, but in a different, emotional way that’s positively gripping. You can’t go wrong with either one, Pete.

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    2. I’m glad Jacquie sparked your interest, Pete. She’s good at that. The Bone Wall is quite dark, so be prepared if you decide to give it a try someday. And I agree with you that Emma’s book sounds intensely emotional. Thanks for the wonderful comments, my friend.

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    1. Thanks for the kind comment, Jacqui. I’m so glad you enjoyed the dark book. I get the jitters whenever someone picks it up. 😀 Jacquie’s review was a wonderful gift this morning. Happy Reading, my friend.

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  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful review, Jacquie. I know The Bone Wall is dark and difficult at times, and I’m so grateful that you took the time to read. Many many hugs. And Full Tilt sounds intensely emotional. I got worked up just reading your review. Huge congrats to Emma for what seems like a heart-wrenching book. I’m glad you moved on to Sandra and Staci for a little fun romance. I think you needed it! ❤ ❤

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  5. Excellent reviews, Jacquie, I like the fact that you’ve included excerpts. Though I’m quite familiar with Diana, I was unaware of this book and Emma is completely new to me. I can hear my TBR pile beginning to topple. 🙂

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