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Time travel fascinates me.

Imagine popping into another time period with its technology or lack thereof. Could you fit in, or would people look at you with suspicion? Maybe even lock you away so they can perform tests or hang you as a witch.

And what about returning? How would you do it? Could you, or would you spend the rest of your days in a world you’ve adopted and don’t wish to leave?

These are some of the questions the heroine faces in Casi McLean’s In Time for Christmas.

Dr. Carson Marlow stumbles through thick vegetation after waking battered on an unfamiliar beach. Unable to remember what happened, Carson searches for help and comes upon a brawny man washing under a stunning waterfall. She cautiously accepts his help and travels by horseback to his southern plantation. Either she’s stepped into a fancy tourist trap or something really strange is going on because it feels as though she’s fallen through time to the nineteenth century.

Piers has never met someone who fascinates him the way the good doctor does. She’s one of a kind and he’s determined to court her until she feels the same about him. But then a young ward is injured and Carson shares a fantastical tale that could cost him the woman he cherishes.

Can Carson find a way back to the future, figure out who tried to kill her, and return in time to save a young girl’s life and win the heart of the man she loves.

A wonderful holiday romance in any time period!

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  1. Sounds fascinating. Although I have only ever written one Time Travel short story, I won a generous first prize for it. It was an interesting experience, but I tend to be drawn to eclectic writing, while based on factual incidents. (If you are after riches, a good series is the best route..) Why have I never tried it?.! Cheers. x

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