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Love and Suspense, Heart-pounding romance and thrills!

7 full-length action-suspense romances from New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning authors. Danger and excitement, secret agents, sexy SEALs, hot police detectives, undercover female operatives, and heat! Plus a French aristocrat hiding an old secret in his chateau! From sweet to spicy, what more can a woman want? Get yours today before it goes away. LIMITED TIME ONLY. 


The Scent of Lies by Debra Burroughs
Emily Parker thought she had a perfect life…until her dashing private-eye husband was brutally murdered. After his murder goes unsolved and the case grows cold, she discovers that he may not have been who he claimed to be. Can she uncover the truth with the help of her best friends and the hot new police detective before she winds up dead too?
Big Girls Don’t Cry by Taylor Lee
The blonde-haired beauty hits the streets to find her brother’s killer. In the sleazy cesspool of drug dealers, strippers and pimps, she closes in on the killer. But he’s out to get her before she gets him.
Deadly Secrets, Loving Lies by Cynthia Cooke
Sometimes the risk is worth the fall. Ex-secret agent, Genie will stop at nothing to find her father, even accepting help from the one man she let close enough to learn her family secrets, secrets that could destroy them all. But will he keep them?
The Romantics by Stephanie Queen
Big bad bodyguard Joseph Allario keeps his biggest fear a big secret until a so-called cupcake assignment takes him to London to play undercover babysitter to Lady Veronica Douglas. Ronnie made a deathbed promise to her mother to redeem her father’s reputation and prove he was murdered. Now Joe finds himself falling for Ronnie as he tries to stop the killer before the killer stops her. Even if it means facing the one thing he fears most…
Tidal Falls by Jacquie Biggar 
When Nick Kelley loses most of his teammates in an IED explosion overseas, he shuts down. It takes meeting and falling in love with a woman in danger to make him realize life’s worth living.
‘Where are the Children?’ by Katy Walters
Looking down at the mutilated body of a young woman, D.I. Sam Templeton’s fears grow. Where are the victim’s children? Sam realizes she is faced with a killer hell bent on vengeance; his reign of terror is just beginning. In the race to catch him, Sam joins forces with profiler Ryan Anderson only to find herself embroiled in a tempestuous romance. As the second body is found, more children go missing. Where are they? Are they still alive?
“Where are the Children?” is a stand alone in a series of crime books. If you like female leads with a will of iron, action-packed suspense, then you will enjoy this series.
Her French Count by Mona Risk
What could be more exciting for a young American architect than to live in a French chateau owned by a handsome count, and to work on the restoration of a chapel in the Loire Valley? But when her professor is poisoned because he knew too much about a missing statue, Cheryl’s summer job changes into a dangerous treasure hunt and Count François is faced with a difficult choice. Are the statue and his chateau worth endangering the life of the impetuous young woman who’s turned his life upside down?

Tidal Falls-Meme Sept 2016

Excerpt from Tidal Falls by Jacquie Biggar

Jared pushed the car door open and hopped out the moment Frank pulled up in front of Grits and Grace, his lanky legs carrying him to the glass doors.

“Hey man, where’s the fire? Don’t worry, Grace has plenty of food, you don’t have to race us for it.” Nick joked through the open passenger window, shooting a look sideways to the chief, only to notice he wasn’t getting out as he stared somberly out the window after his friend.

“Um, am I missing something here?” Silence. He decided to try again. “Frank, you want to tell me what’s going on?”

“I think you’re about to find out.”

Jared sent them a what-the-hell’s-taking-you-so-long look, coupled with a distinct plea for support that had the two men scrambling to catch up. Nick didn’t have the faintest idea what was going on but if his buddy needed him, he was there.

They waited as Jared drank in a deep breath, let it whoosh out, squared his shoulders and stepped through the doors. The first thing to hit them were the smells, maple from the bacon and the ham, rosemary and sage from the turkey that had more than likely been cooking for a couple of hours, the rich beefy smell of gravy, and the aroma of fresh brewed coffee mixed with the tang of orange juice. There was a cacophony of noise, jukebox playing Hank Jones, the rise and fall of conversations from the nearly full breakfast crowd, and servers calling out orders to the kitchen.

“There she is, out from the back to schmooze the customers, her favorite part of the job she always said. Keep ‘em happy and they’ll come back.” Jared’s tone was a complicated mix of love and frustration. Nick, who was standing close because of the small entry, could feel the tension in Jared’s body.

She skirted from table to table, sharing a kind word here, a pat on the shoulder there, and then she stopped in front of them, about to ask where they would like to be seated when she froze, a stunned look of joy transforming her face with joy.

“Hi, Momma.”

Her mouth dropped open in shock, her green eyes just like Jared’s, welling with happy tears. “Oh my good Lord. Jared.” She brought shaking fingers up and hesitantly set them against his lean cheek. “Well, would you look at you? You grew into a fine looking young man. I always knew you would though, good genes.”

At his shaky laugh, Grace held up her soft arms and he wrapped his own arms around her rotund figure and lifted her right off her feet, swinging her around in a King Kong hug before setting her down.

Blushing at all the amused looks, Grace grabbed up his calloused, scarred hand, kissing it as if it were sacred, and lifted her voice to be heard above the din. “Hey all, this is my handsome boy. He’s come home to see his momma,” ending on an almost whisper, “he’s home.”

Everyone whistled and clapped as Jared wiped the wetness from her still soft, rosy cheeks, and forced words past an obvious baseball-sized lump in his throat. “I missed you, Mom, every damn day, I missed you.”

“Oh son, you could have come home anytime, if you weren’t so dang stubborn, just like your Pops, but enough, let’s save that talk for later. I want to soak up the joy of having you here, it’s been far too long. Come on now, let’s get you fed.” She retained a death grip on his hand as she led them to a man-sized booth for six set near the back, close to the kitchen, as if she was afraid to let him out of sight.

“Momma, I’d like you to meet some good friends of mine. Chief, this is the woman who I judge all others by, which is why I’m still single.” He laughed as he turned to Nick, “Nick, I want you to meet the best cook to ever grace, pun intended, God’s green earth.”

“Well, if that isn’t the nicest introduction a girl could ever receive. I’ve already met the very charming Nickolaus Kelley. He’s one of my regulars.” Grace grinned. “Chief, huh? I’m guessing that to mean you were my son’s superior officer.” At Frank’s slight nod, she reached over the table and gave him a swift peck on his bristly jaw. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for keeping my boy safe.”

After a round-the-table chorus of throat clearing, she said, “Okay, enough of the sappy stuff, let’s get you fed. I know what Jared likes, so what can I get you, boys? We have on special a Meat lover’s Omelet filled with ham, bacon, sausage, and Monterey Jack cheese, or we have an eight-ounce sirloin steak and three eggs, any style. What’s it going to be, fellas?”

“A steak sounds just about perfect, thank-you ma’am, and please, call me Frank.”

“Well, Frank, I can do that if you’ll drop the Ma’am, which makes me feel about a billion years old, and call me Grace.” Winking she turned to Nick, “Okay honey, what about you, and where’s my Sara Sunshine?”

“She’s on the way. The omelet sounds fine to me, Grace, and about a gallon of coffee, please. Have you given any more thought to leaving this place and running away with me to Vegas to get married?” He teased.

“Go on now; you wouldn’t know what to do with me if you had me.” She chuckled as she called out to Susan, “Sue, look who’s here. Grab ‘em some coffee, would ya? I have to head back and whip my boy up a welcome home meal.” With a swift hug and a lingering kiss on one cheek while she patted the other, Grace bestowed a watery smile on Jared before turning into the kitchen where they could hear her giving orders left and right, as good as any drill sergeant they’d ever had.

“So, I didn’t see that one coming, though I probably should have. You look like her.”

“Well if you think I’m calling you dad, forget it.” Jared replied, “What are you doing hitting on my momma anyway? How many women do you need, Kelley?”

“Hey don’t blame me, blame my stomach. That woman can cook.” Nick grinned appreciatively.

“Yeah well, since you tried picking her up I think the bill should be yours…Pops.”

“I told you it wouldn’t be so bad. Family is everything, Jare. I love you like a brother but I was about ready to kick your ass if you hadn’t decided to mend your fences.” Frank rumbled from the corner as a thin as a rail woman came barreling up to their table, mugs in one hand, coffee pot in the other.

“Well, if it isn’t the prodigal son returned, and looking about a million bucks.” She slammed the cups and pot on the table and threw herself into Jared’s arms, narrowly missing taking out an eye from the pen she had tucked into her salt and pepper beehive hairdo. “Your mom missed you so bad, sugar. Welcome home.”

“Sue, I can’t believe some handsome guy hasn’t swept you off to a land of leisure yet. You look the same.”

She hooted, her eyes glued on Jared as she poured out the three coffees, barely watching what she was doing. “I told you a long time ago, honey, you spoiled me for any other man.”

Interesting as this was, Nick had been keeping a close eye on the door every time it opened, and then suddenly, there she was. The sun coming through the open doorway behind her created a nimbus over her head as she hesitated for a moment, letting her eyes accustom to the dim setting as she searched the room for him. She had a pair of dark trousers on that highlighted her slim thighs and mile-long legs. Over that, she had put some kind of silvery diaphanous top that flowed around her body from the outside breeze, creating an almost otherworldly look, especially with her golden eyes catching the light.

As she moved toward him, almost seeming to float among the sun’s rays, Nick wanted her with a fierceness he was beyond hiding. There had to be a way to convince her he hadn’t withheld from her to purposely deceive her. She arrived at the table, and after glancing for a long moment at the empty spot beside him, chose to instead slide in beside Jared. Ouch.

“Good morning, beautiful, where’ve you been all my life?” He slung an arm over her shoulders and gave a squeeze, and swear-to-God, Nick was going to punch his nose in if he kept that crap up for long.

“Morning yourself, sounds as if you got plenty of sleep last night. That’s good, because after today I think we’re all going to be running on nerves. In case I forget to say it, thank-you again for agreeing to come and help me with this, I can never repay you enough.”

“Don’t even think about it, we’re happy to help. I needed to get Jared out of Vegas for a while anyway, before he wrecked the whole damn city.” Frank clapped his friend over the shoulder, causing a hard grunt as Jared bore the impact.

Jared raised an eyebrow, “I wouldn’t have shut down the entire strip, just the places that pissed me off.”

Nick wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not, the boy was seriously wacko. But then they say that’s the flipside of being a genius.

Sue stopped by to refill cups and get Sara’s order. “Just coffee for me thanks, I’ve had breakfast already.”

“Sure honey, no worries. Jared, your momma says to tell you it’s coming right up. We got hit with a bit of a rush so she’s backed up in there for a few.”

“Tell her to leave us for last, Susan. We’re good, especially since a sweet server I know is keeping us happy with plenty of strong black coffee.”

Sue giggled like a fifteen-year-old as she moved on to the next table, fluffing her hair up with her pen as she gazed adoringly at Jared.

“Another conquest for your little black book?” Nick said, and ducked the creamer missile hurled at his head.

Sara stared at Jared, “Your Mom? Is Grace really your mother, Jared?”

“Well, you don’t have to sound quite so shocked about it. Is it so hard to believe she might have raised a hooligan like me?” Jared only half jested.

“Of course not, it just caught me by surprise. Wow, talk about a small world. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Her and Tess have done so much to make Jessica and I feel at home here. I count her as a very dear friend.” Sara smiled warmly at him and even though Nick knew it was platonic, he still had to clench his hands in his lap, because he wanted those smiles.

He needed to put an end to this whole Sheridan business so maybe Sara and he could finally talk. Right now, with it hanging over their heads reminding her of what she thought he’d done, there was no chance.

“If you two are done with the mutual admiration party, think we can get down to business? I want to make sure we’re prepared for anything before we bring Sheridan anywhere near here.” he growled.

Sara regarded him as if he had a screw loose before replying to the table in general, “He’s expecting Nick to take me back today, so I think the first thing we have to do is call him, let him know there’s a change of plans. He thinks Nick’s working for him, so why don’t we continue to let him think that?”

At his immediate move to object, Sara turned those lasers on him, the hurt and betrayal he could see swimming in their beautiful depths, cutting him to the bone. “You owe me this, you know I’m right. The only way he’s going to give us the time we need to get the DEA here is if he believes you’ll be watching me.”

Turning back to Frank, Sara asked, “How much time do you think it will take them to come? We have to hurry; I’m scared of what he might do to Fiona.”

“I agree, time is of the essence. Which is why I phoned Agent Holt as soon as I woke this morning. They’re on a plane headed this way even as we speak.”

“That’s perfect then, we can all coordinate together.”

“Their plane is scheduled to land in Seattle at one, so Jared and I will leave from here to go pick them up. You two can head back to the house…Sara’s?” At her nod. “We’ll meet up there around three, then you can make your call. I need you to make a list and keep to it. Do not let him change anything. You have to be the one in charge. Nick can help you get prepared. If Sheridan senses for one moment that something isn’t right we’ll lose him, so your preparation for this is critical, you get me?” He gave Nick a hard stare over Sara’s down-bent head.

Oh yeah, Nick got the message, loud and clear. Keep the personal issues out until they had this thing wrapped up. He could do that, he didn’t have to like it, but he would do it. It was far more crucial right now to keep the focus on the case, he knew that. The most important thing was to keep Jessica and Sara safe, the rest could come later. But it didn’t stop him from wanting to take her in his arms so bad it hurt. She had to be freaking out at the thought of both the phone call and then ultimately Sheridan arriving here in a few short days. It must be messing with her head. It sure as hell was messing with his.

Grace came bustling out of the kitchen, big platters of piping hot food held in her capable hands. “There you are, Sara. Have you met my boy? Look at him, isn’t he the most handsome man you ever set eyes on? He’s single…you are single, aren’t you?” Jared looked slightly dazed as he nodded dutifully. “He’s a good man, my baby. He would make a great father.”

“Mama, settle down, I only just arrived. I’m not looking to hook up…Ouch!” as both Grace and Frank clobbered him. “Sorry, I’m not looking to date right now. Besides, she’s with Nick.”

Sara seemed entertained by his friend’s antics and took no offence, a smile breaking across her gorgeous face as she watched the byplay before catching his gaze, eyes sparkling with mirth. He loved her. He sat back in his seat, the sounds of the busy restaurant, the continued bantering between mother and son, the ring of the till amid John Denver’s “Take me Home” blaring from the old jukebox. It all faded, leaving him staring at her and her staring at him, her smile slowly evaporating as she finally…finally acknowledged him.


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Release Date:

May 30, 2017





Set Blurb:

Heat up your summer with these 15 sexy and tantalizing reads, hot enough to melt your eReader!

Written by today’s hottest USA Today bestselling and Award Winning authors. These stories offer up something for everyone, from hot to scorching, this set is sure to tempt and tease you with romantic tales told with passion, emotion, and utter sexiness.


★✩ Featured Authors ✩★

USA Today & International Bestselling Author Nicole Morgan

USA Today Bestselling Author Desiree Holt

USA Today Bestselling Author Jacquie Biggar

Award-winning author Vicki Batman

Award-winning and Bestselling Author Ashlyn Chase

Award-winning and Bestselling Author Dalton Diaz

Award-winning Author Brenna Zinn

International Bestselling Author Tierney O’Malley

Bestselling Author Kate Richards

Bestselling Author Fiona Miers

Bestselling Author Caitlyn Lynch

Bestselling Author Deelylah Mullin

Bestselling Author Krista Ames

Bestselling Author Cate Farren

Bestselling Author Tamsin Baker


Just you and me-2


Individual blurbs:


Three years ago Sophia Hunt was on the tail end of a bad break up and in a vulnerable and confused state of mind when she crossed paths with the sexy and seductive J.T. Mastrantonio.

Stuck in a rut and no longer satisfied with his successful life, J.T. finds an unfamiliar ache when the scared girl who ran out on him years earlier walks back into his life.

Though time is not their side, Sophia is faced with the realization that her biggest fears and greatest temptations are one in the same. And only J.T. will be the one who can get Sophia to surrender to her inhibitions.


A NANNY FOR HIS NIECE by Bestselling Author, Fiona Miers

A hot Spanish millionaire seduces his niece’s nanny into bed, but loses his heart instead.


THE BEST MAN FOR LEAH by Caitlyn Lynch

A sassy wedding photographer clashes with the controlling best man until they get trapped together in an elevator and find they have better things to do than fight.


RAVING BEAUTY by Award-winning author Vicki Batman

A reluctant beauty contestant falls for the doctor treating her, only to discover the one she really loves has been right in front of her eyes the whole time.


THE SHERIFF MEETS HIS MATCH by USA Today Bestselling Author Jacquie Biggar

When a jaded sheriff is drawn to an exasperating woman in trouble, anything can happen.


STROKES by Award-winning and Bestselling Authors Ashlyn Chase and Dalton Diaz

Book reviewer Darcy can’t get her work done with the racket coming from her Italian artist neighbor Paolo’s apartment. The sexy solution paints a surprising new portrait for both of their lives.


ELEVEN YEARS ON by Kate Richards

Jillian Schmidt planned to go back to Hadleysberg, the place she was born and spent the first part of her life. And fell in love. But her father’s death years later forces her hand and makes her return to confront everything she left behind when her mother whisked her away with almost no explanation. If she’s lucky, she will be able to get in and out without running into Toby who had never answered her letters and must have forgotten her long ago.

Jillian’s disappearance with her mother left Toby Archer at a loss. He’d had things planned but if she cared about him at all, she’d have stayed in touch. Told him she was leaving. Not abandoned him to pick up the pieces without no explanations. They’d only been kids, though, after all. Puppy love. But one glimpse of a grown up Jillian and he knows nothing has changed.

Their teenage emotions never prepared them for the explosive passion two adults could share. But with so much pain and so many unanswered questions, maybe it’s better to just let the past stay in the past. The secrets they uncover may destroy both their families and any chance they have of happiness.


LEARNING TO LOVE THE BILLIONAIRE by Amazon bestselling author Cate Farren

A grieving woman meets and falls in love with a sexy billionaire at a grief counseling group.


MANHATTAN MELODY by Deelylah Mullin

Leo Shutter is the bassist for the band Flash. He’s been touring mid-sized cities playing bars, waiting for the band’s big break. He’s never been a chick magnet–he leaves that to the band’s frontman & guitarist Anthony Marco, and the drummer Geno Seretti.

Mia Vane, a recent college graduate with a masters degree in ancient literature, slings drinks to make ends meet while she teaches three sections of collegiate literature during the day.

When Mia and Leo have an immediate, undeniable connection, things heat up in cool places over the course of the weekend. But when Leo has to hit the road for the next gig, Mia isn’t sure the whole long distance thing will work and remains noncommittal to protect her heart.

Leo wears his emotions on his sleeve and sulks as they travel to their next destination. After a deep conversation with Geno about life, love, and music Leo decides Mia is the one—which inspires the best lyrics he’s ever written.

Will Leo and Mia connect in a harmonious convergence or resolve to a bitter life without the other?


PRIVATE SHOWING by Award Winning Author Brenna Zinn

Now that Gianna Romano’s goal of owning her own restaurant is almost within her grasp, she can’t afford to lose focus and doesn’t have time for a man. Not even the sexy Scot with a delicious accent who wants to unleash her lust and make her a permanent fixture in his life, as well as his bed.


ALWAYS YOU by International Bestselling Author Tierney O’Malley

Will time, distance, and the unveiling of a secret keep James and Rienne, eternally apart or will they uphold their promises to each other… “Always you?”


RESCUING ALIX by Bestselling Author Krista Ames

Brystal Bay Fire Station was home to some of the hottest men around, Alix Westin was convinced. One person, she’d taken an interest in would never notice a frumpy sandwich shop owner like her, though. Her best bet was to write off men altogether.

Kody Russell kept up the ruse for as long as his patience could stand. He had to meet her. He’d developed a soft spot for the woman across the street and had to make her his. He’d always been nonchalant and cavalier when it came to women but this one scared him.

With the complication of a mysterious fire-starter, Alix and Kody fight to save themselves and the start to a new relationship.



Amanda Cleminson works for The Sun, a newspaper in Melbourne. She tells people that she doesthe layout, among other things. But secretly, she writes the food critique column for the prestigious magazine, using a pseudonym- her father’s name.When she meets the absolutely gorgeous head chef and restaurateur Mark Dovell, she falls into bed with him for a night out of time. An incredible one, at that. The last thing she expects is for the boss to ask her to do a review on Mark’s restaurant, and for her experience to be terrible indeed.What’s a girl to do? Let a handsome face tempt her into doing something she would never do, lie on a review? Or is the possibility of a new relationship worth changing for?


REMOVING THE LAYERS by USA Today & International Bestselling Author Nicole Morgan

Olivia “Livie” Maitland just passed her one year anniversary since her new lease on life began. On the outside she looked like a completely different woman, but on the inside she was still very much that shy introvert that felt more like the awkward wall flower, then the woman that everyone else seemed to see.

Jake Olson had been watching Livie from the moment he met her nearly two years earlier. Though he’d tried more than once to strike up conversations with her in an attempt to ask her out, his efforts were often met with her polite, yet obvious avoidance.

When their boss invites them all to a weekend masquerade party at his mountain retreat, Jake decides to take matters into his own hands and find a way to break through Livie’s nearly impenetrable defensive walls.

He just needs one night, one chance.

He needs… her.



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“You haven’t changed a bit.” #Excerpt #Romance #LovnWar #mgtab

Sharing a lovely post put together by the fantastic Uvi Poznansky and Tamara Ferguson. Thanks, ladies!

Still the handsomest devil I know

He laughed and tightened his arms around her skinny ribs once more before setting her back to get a good look at her. “How can I get a word in edgewise with you blathering on like that?” He ducked and grinned when she gave him a cuff on the shoulder. She looked just the same, a few more lines at the edges of her eyes, maybe a couple of age spots he didn’t recall, but otherwise just the same.
“When are you going to let me take you out on the town, Sue. We’d show ‘em how to have a good ol’ time.”
“You haven’t changed a bit, you rascal. Still the handsomest devil I know. Biggest charmer too,” she quipped. Her eyes shone with mirth, obviously not buying his blarney. “So really, what are you doing back in our neck of the woods? And why do you have Nick Kelley’s dog, Jake?”
Hearing his name, Jake’s ears perked and he looked from one to the other of them as if to say, “See, aren’t you glad I brought you here?”
Jared explained he was dog-sitting, and gazed enviously as Sue lit one up before offering him the pack.
He shook his head regretfully. “Those things are going to kill you, you know.”

Excerpt from The Rebel’s Redemption by Jacquie Biggar

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Love in Times of War
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“This anthology consists of twelve wonderful stories with the inherent theme of love and war contained in them. Out of the twelve authors, Uvi Poznansky is the only one that I was familiar with previously. So, in addition to becoming acquainted with new authors in this set, my ‘to be read’ pile has grown considerably. That is not a bad thing with the wind chill of a minus 10 as I write this review!!” 

Dangerous Encounters:Love on the Edge #BoxedSet #Suspense #mgtab




I’m excited to share a new boxed collaboration I’m taking part in with some of the best in the romantic suspense genre.

Isn’t this cover from the fabulous Kim Killion amazing? 🙂


Dangerous Encounters: Love on the Edge

Love and Suspense, Heart-pounding romance and thrills!

7 full-length action-suspense romances from New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning authors. Danger and excitement, secret agents, sexy SEALs, hot police detectives, undercover female operatives, and heat! And a French aristocrat hiding an old secret in his chateau! What more can a woman want? Get yours today before it goes away. LIMITED TIME ONLY.

 International link:

The Scent of Lies by Debra Burroughs
Emily Parker thought she had a perfect life…until her dashing private-eye husband was brutally murdered. After his murder goes unsolved and the case grows cold, she discovers that he may not have been who he claimed to be. Can she uncover the truth with the help of her best friends and the hot new police detective before she winds up dead too?
Big Girls Don’t Cry by Taylor Lee
The blonde-haired beauty hits the streets to find her brother’s killer. In the sleazy cesspool of drug dealers, strippers and pimps, she closes in on the killer. But he’s out to get her before she gets him.
Deadly Secrets, Loving Lies by Cynthia Cooke
Sometimes the risk is worth the fall. Ex-secret agent, Genie will stop at nothing to find her father, even accepting help from the one man she let close enough to learn her family secrets, secrets that could destroy them all. But will he keep them?
The Romantics by Stephanie Queen
Big bad bodyguard Joseph Allario keeps his biggest fear a big secret until a so-called cupcake assignment takes him to London to play undercover babysitter to Lady Veronica Douglas. Ronnie made a deathbed promise to her mother to redeem her father’s reputation and prove he was murdered. Now Joe finds himself falling for Ronnie as he tries to stop the killer before the killer stops her. Even if it means facing the one thing he fears most…
Tidal Falls by Jacquie Biggar 
When Nick Kelley loses most of his teammates in an IED explosion overseas, he shuts down. It takes meeting and falling in love with a woman in danger to make him realize life’s worth living.
‘Where are the Children?’ by Katy Walters
Looking down at the mutilated body of a young woman, D.I. Sam Templeton’s fears grow. Where are the victim’s children? Sam realizes she is faced with a killer hell bent on vengeance; his reign of terror is just beginning. In the race to catch him, Sam joins forces with profiler Ryan Anderson only to find herself embroiled in a tempestuous romance. As the second body is found, more children go missing. Where are they? Are they still alive?
“Where are the Children?” is a stand alone in a series of crime books. If you like female leads with a will of iron, action-packed suspense, then you will enjoy this series.
Her French Count by Mona Risk
What could be more exciting for a young American architect than to live in a French chateau owned by a handsome count, and to work on the restoration of a chapel in the Loire Valley? But when her professor is poisoned because he knew too much about a missing statue, Cheryl’s summer job changes into a dangerous treasure hunt and Count François is faced with a difficult choice. Are the statue and his chateau worth endangering the life of the impetuous young woman who’s turned his life upside down?


My contribution to the set is Tidal Falls- Book 1 in the popular Wounded Hearts series.


Excerpt from Tidal Falls:


“How did you find me?” Sara fell back as Tom pushed his way inside, followed closely by Sam, and then she caught sight of Fiona being led in by two other men. Her friend was cuffed, her arms pulled taut behind her back. Her mouth, covered by a bright red handkerchief tied so tight it cut into her whitened cheeks, highlighted an obscene bruise. Her eyes, one of them black and blue, filled with tears, begging Sara to forgive her.

“GPS, my dear, you’ve heard of that I presume? I traced you from your own phone, that wasn’t very smart of you. So, this is where you’ve been hiding.” He waved the others into the room, locking the door behind them. “What, no kiss for your Husband? You do recall you have one of those, don’t you?”

He looked the same, so tall and handsome standing there in his perfectly pressed suit and tie, not a hair out of place. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. It was so obvious to her now. The narrow, cold eyes, the supercilious attitude, the rigid stance, the not-so-well-hidden-anger, had he always been that way? She didn’t like to think so. How could she have been so wrong about him? He’d pulled the wool over her eyes from the beginning.



Check out two #Historical #Romances via @LyricalPress @TinaDonahue @HeatherHiestand


First Comes Desire: Pirate’s Prize #1

by Tina Donahue

GENRE: Historical Erotic Romance

I Wanna Be Loved by You

by Heather Hiestand

GENRE: Historical Romance



On a lush, secluded island, one passionate adventure leads to another….

Diana Fletcher means business. The beautiful, innocent, reverend’s daughter has traveled all the way to a tropical island off Madagascar on a mission: To find her brother—and to punish the man who drove him to a life of piracy. But when she comes face to face with the enemy in question, the handsome, powerfully seductive man is not at all what Diana expected…

Tristan Kent never intended to harm Diana’s brother. A man of humble origins, Tristan claims he tried to save him from another ruthless captain. Diana is desperate to believe he is telling the truth…and that the intoxicating desire that escalates between them is true as well. But can she trust him? Or is Tristan’s story—and his heart—nothing more than fool’s gold? Amid the haze of sensual delights and soaring ecstasy Tristan has in store for her, all will be revealed…



For a young woman swept into international adventure, romance can’t be far behind…

The 1920s are in full swing when Sadie Loudon leaves her grandfather’s stodgy vicarage, and she dreams of the glamour and excitement she’s seen on the silver screen. But before she even begins work at the storied Grand Russe Hotel, she is ushered into London’s glittering nightlife by a handsome young businessman intent on introducing her to the pleasures available to a Bright Young Thing. Is it a fleeting romance…or something even more intriguing?

Les Drake is on the lookout for Bolsheviks when he encounters sweet, sexy Sadie. A British Secret Intelligence agent, Les has more experience with the seedy underside of the city than with innocent chambermaids, but he can’t deny that Sadie tempts him. Using her as part of his cover seems like a brilliant plan until the danger of his assignment threatens what has suddenly become a love he can’t bear to lose…


Les glanced between the two women. His gut told him that they were not compatible. Sadie was too fresh and uneducated to appeal to this cosmopolitan refugee. Not like the young wife from Acton who was desperate for a friend. When Glass had given him orders he hadn’t accounted for Sadie’s youth. She was only a chambermaid, after all.

“What time is the rally?” he asked Semyon in Russian.

He responded in kind. “In an hour. Will I see you there?”

Les nodded. “I need to pay a couple of sales calls on bookshops here and then we will go to the docks. Will your wife come along?”

Semyon nodded and took his own bowl of soup off the tray. “She is very political.”

“Mrs. Rake is not educated in these matters.” Les spooned up the last couple bites of his borsht. There likely wouldn’t be time for food later.

“She’ll learn,” Semyon said. “What is her background?”

“Orphan,” Les said, not wanting to reveal more.

“English through and through, right?”

Les nodded and put his and Sadie’s bowls on Semyon’s tray, then poured overbrewed tea from the pot into his empty cup.

“Why did you marry her? Money?”

Les was glad they were still speaking in Russian. He let his gaze peruse the length of the skinny brown bow detail on Sadie’s cream dress. The ribbon slid down her chest between her breasts, revealing

their buoyant shape underneath the thin fabric. He glanced back at Semyon, who smirked.

“A young man must have his pleasures,” Semyon said.

“Your wife is very beautiful,” Les told him. Sadie’s eyes went to him. The color matched the stormy sea now. He realized he had missed an exchange between her and Irina Kozyrev. When he glanced next to him he saw Irina was putting the nesting doll together, then, when at last the matryoshka was back together, she put the doll into the gift box and placed the lid on top, then slid it into her handbag.

Shocked, he let his hurt show as he moved his gaze back to Sadie.

She shook her head slightly, as if warning him of danger. Next to her, Semyon was devouring his soup. Sadie pushed a plate of brown bread to him and he took a piece without looking up.

Les stared at his erstwhile wife. Had she given Irina the dolls because she was afraid of her, or was there some deeper game? What had the girl sensed about her role here? Irina set her handbag on her lap, her lips curving with genuine satisfaction. With a last look at Les, Sadie deliberately moved her attention to the other woman, smiling.

Irina laughed.

Sadie had done the unexpected and turned the assassin’s daughter into an ally, it seemed.


AUTHOR Bio and Links for Tina Donahue:

Tina Donahue is an award-winning, bestselling novelist in erotic, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance for Kensington, Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing, Siren Publishing, Booktrope, and indie. Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised her work. Three of her erotic novels (Adored; Deep, Dark, Delicious; Lush Velvet Nights) were named finalists in the 2011 EPIC competition. Sensual Stranger, her erotic romance, was chosen Book of the Year 2010 (erotic category) at the French review site, Blue Moon reviews. The Golden Nib Award at Miz Love Loves Books was created specifically for her erotic romance Lush Velvet Nights. Deep, Dark, Delicious (erotic romance) received an Award of Merit in the RWA Holt Medallion competition. Take Me Away (erotic romance) captured second place in the NEC-RWA contest. And The Yearning (erotic paranormal) was honored with an Award of Merit in the RWA Holt Medallion competition. She’s featured in the 2012 Novel and Writer’s Market. Before penning romances, she worked in Story Direction for a Hollywood production company.

Author Links:




Buy the book:



Google Play:


Barnes & Noble:


AUTHOR Bio and Links for Heather Hiestand:

Heather Hiestand was born in Illinois but her family migrated west before she started school. Since then she has claimed Washington State as home, except for a few years in California. She wrote her first story at age seven and went on to major in creative writing at the University of Washington. Her first published fiction was a mystery short story, but since then it has been all about the many flavors of romance. Heather’s first published romance short story was set in the Victorian period and she continues to return, fascinated by the rapid changes of the nineteenth century. The author of many novels, novellas and short stories, she makes her home in a small town with her husband and son and supposedly works out of her tiny office, though she mostly writes in her easy chair in the living room.

For more information, visit Heather’s website. Heather loves to hear from readers!

Author Links:




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Google Play:


Barnes & Noble:





The authors will be awarding digital copies of both books on tour to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

Enter to win both books – a Rafflecopter giveaway

It Started With A Kiss #BoxedSet #Historical #Romance @Barclay_PR @CMcKnightWriter


It Started with a Kiss features twelve sweet to sexy Regency romances from

award-winning and bestselling historical authors. 


Out Dec 13th – It Started with A Kiss Box Set


Title: It Started with a Kiss Box Set

Genre: Regency Historical Romance

Release Date: December 13, 2016

Format: Digital


IT STARTED WITH A KISS… Twelve First In Series From Stars of Regency Historical Romance!  Enjoy dashing dukes, reformed rakes, and scandalous bluestockings in this sweet to sexy boxed set.

MAD FOR LOVE by Elizabeth Essex
Mignon du Blois needs an accomplished thief to steal back her father’s statue so he won’t be arrested for forgery–too bad the man willing to help her is actually Rory Cathcart, noted art expert.

After living separate lives since their rushed wedding, an earl and countess stumble upon each other and begin to see the other in a whole new light.

An independent bluestocking sneaks into a library to read rare Greek texts and ends up with a husband instead.

The overly scientific, always respectable, and socially awkward Alexander Banks has just been informed his name resides on a betrothal agreement right above the name of the worst chit in all of England. With a loophole that allows him to marry another without consequence before the thirtieth anniversary of his birth, he has only four weeks to find another woman and make her his wife.

THE ROBBER BRIDE by Jerrica Knight-Catania
Victoria Barclay is determined to make a difference in the world, so she finds a way to rob the rich and donate to the poor. But the Earl of Leyburn, her lifelong friend and neighbor, threatens to expose her in his constant pursuit of the truth.

SHUNNED NO MORE by Christina McKnight
Lady Viola Oberbrook longed for a quiet life in the country, far from London and the society who’d shunned her during her first season. She never expected to come face-to-face with Lord Haversham, the only man who had every right to despise her.
Struggling to survive in London’s dangerous rookeries, Kate Morgan is determined not to give into the temptation of past love Daniel O’Reilly when he returns to win back her heart and prove he’s innocent of murder.

Courtesan Celeste Gray wanted a new life free of the infamy of her notorious past–the last thing she planned on was falling for the stuffy viscount next door, Ashlin Lancester.
Stephen Lumley returns from battle wounded and jaded, only to find his home life had been changed forever. After proposing while drowning his sorrows in liquor, he now has only four months to convince himself and Jane Marwick he is worthy of her, before she’s off to London to find a man who is.

Lady Amelia’s willing to create a scandal to stay in her beloved England. A Scottish duke ignites her passion, but will she abandon her endeavor for love?

THE LOVE LIST by Deb Marlowe
Miss Brynne Wilmott will do anything to get her name off of the Love List—that wickedly witty register of London’s light skirts.  The Duke of Aldmere will do anything to be left alone.  But his brother is mixed up in the business, so he’ll work with the lady to unravel the mess…until they find that the plot is more twisted and treasonous than anyone suspects…and that the danger and intrigue pale next to the effect they have on each other.

TO WALK IN THE SUN by Jane Charles
Hiding from a dangerous man, Tess Crawford thought The Wiggons’ School for Elegant Young Ladies would be the perfect place to disappear…except she didn’t anticipate being drawn to the reclusive Viscount Atwood, who has many secrets of his own.





Available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks

Learn more about the authors:

Jane Charles

Elizabeth Essex

Aileen Fish

Rose Gordon

Jerrica Knight-Catania

Emma Locke

Sue London

Amanda Mariel

Deb Marlowe

Christina McKnight –

Erica Monroe

Ava Stone



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Give the gift of Love: Love In Times of War #Excerpt #mgtab #LuvnWar @PFiala @UviPoznansky

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to take part in some amazing box sets with award winning and best selling authors of romance.

This experience has been priceless when it comes to friendships and support within the writing community.

If you ever get the chance to join a set, all I can say is, DO IT! 🙂

Love In Times Of War- Available now for Pre-Order!

Publish Date- 12.15.16



At no other point is passion put to the test as in dire times of war. From the American Civil War to WWII, from Vietnam to the War in Afghanistan to the Persian Gulf, the stories in this boxed set summon the strength of true lovers. Written by bestselling, award-winning, and USA Today authors, the novels and novellas in this collection tell of overcoming loss, injuries, and separation, to celebrate the victory of love.

If you like Military Romance, Wounded Warrior Romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, or Romantic Suspense, this anthology invites you to triumph over the worst of conditions and find the courage to bring forth the best in us.

Excerpt from Moving to Forever by PJ Fiala

We can go pick out a Christmas Tree

“Hey girl, how are you? I miss you.” Tammy spoke into her phone. She was reclining in Danny’s chair, taking a few moments to call Molly before the guys came back from Stateside.
“Oh, Tam, I miss you, too. How are you?”
Tammy closed her eyes, “I’m good.” Sighing softly, she opened her eyes and looked out the window across the fresh snow on the front yard.
“That isn’t the sound of someone who’s fine. I need to know what’s going on.”
Tammy proceeded to tell Molly about the video. Danny. Danny’s friends, and everything that’d happened recently. Molly shared her life with Ryder and that they were moving in together.
“Oh, Molly, that’s fantastic. We need to get together; maybe we can go pick out a Christmas Tree next Saturday. We’d like to get one put up right after Thanksgiving and that’s next week already.”
“Wait. We?” Molly smiled as she watched a movie play on the television, the sound turned down.
“Danny and I are moving in together. Actually, I’m moving in with him.”
The two friends shared their lives as they were now. Talking to Molly had always soothed Tammy’s nerves. No one was more level-headed than Molly.
Love Romance? Give yourself the best Christmas gift:
Love in Times of War
Kindle ★ Nook ★ Apple ★ Kobo  ★ Smashwords

About the Author:


I am a wife of thirty years, a mother of four grown children and the grandmother of three lovely grandchildren. When not writing a new story, I can be found riding my motorcycle and exploring this fabulous country of ours. My writing revolves around people anyone would love to spend time with. No self-absorbed billionaires for me.

Earning my Bachelor’s Degree later in life fulfilled a dream for me. Then, I found the courage to write and I haven’t looked back. Currently I have three published books, Designing Samantha’s Love, Dog Days of Summer and Rydin’ the Storm Out. Danny’s War will be coming soon. I also serve as the VP of Communications for WisRWA and devote a large amount of my time helping other authors slog their way through this thing called publishing. I love to hear from fans, so look me up and touch base.

Romancing Christmas Volume 2 #BoxSet #HolidayRomance @BPICPromos


Romancing Christmas Volume II

by Dale Mayer, Rachelle Ayala, Sandy Loyd, Marcia James, K.T. Roberts, Leslie Lynch, Kayce Lassiter

Genre: Contemporary Romance – Holiday

Release Date: October 18, 2016



From sweet to spicy, friends to lovers, from cowboys to babies and puppies, this holiday anthology from 7 of today’s hottest romance authors has something for everyone. Toss in some unconventional romances and fairy godmothers—and, of course, some hunky military heroes—and you’ve got a Christmas collection that will warm the heart on even the coldest night.

This unique set features endearing stories from USA Today and National Bestselling authors. Available for a limited time only!


Mason’s Wish by Dale Mayer

This is a Christmas Novella continuing the story between Mason and Tesla!

Mason loves his life with Tesla, but living together isn’t enough. He wants more. He wants it all. He wants forever.

All set to make this a memorable Christmas for the two of them, he calls her at home and hears her cry out as she fights off an attacker. Racing to her rescue, he finds her missing – again.

Determined to put the horrific memories behind her, Tesla is looking forward to a bright and happy future. But someone nursing a grudge has decided it’s payback time.

Their lives change in a flash as Mason races to save Tesla before they lose their future – and each other..

Christmas Stray by Rachelle Ayala 

Juliette Martin does not ever want to celebrate Christmas again, not when it means reliving the last one after her six-year-old son, Jeremiah, passed away on Christmas Eve. She and husband, Gabe, find themselves snowed in at a mountain cabin with a pair of strays. Juliette desperately needs a miracle to save her marriage and restore her faith in God. Can a stray dog and an orphan boy help her believe in the magic of Christmas and the power of love?

A Low Country Christmas Miracle by Sandy Loyd 

Considering the bad blood between father and son, it will take a miracle to get Cade Duval to return to the Lowcountry for Christmas. Lacey Barnes has loved Cade since…forever…and feels up to the task of making sure it happens. Unfortunately, Cade’s in a relationship and Lacey would never poach. Success means her heart will be broken all over again.

Yet, miracles have a way of happening at Christmastime. Like the miracle of finding true love and the miracle of family coming together. But the most wonderful miracle of all is the miracle of forgiveness.

Scrooge & the Secret Santa by Marcia James 

Police dog trainer, Patton Carter, has nothing but bad memories of holidays spent in foster homes as a child. When a car crash lands him in the hospital and a knee replacement requires rehab, he hires physical therapist, Faith Harmon, to live in his house over the holidays as a combination therapist, caretaker, and dog-sitter. He never expects to fall for her and her Maltese, Snowball.

As a part-time therapy pet teacher, Faith has had run-ins with the Patton at Klein’s K-9s. But the pay he’s offering for the six-week job is too good to pass up. She agrees to move into his house with the stipulation that he won’t continue to disparage the important work of therapy animal handlers and their pets. She never anticipates that their biggest conflict will be Christmas.

Patton soon learns the difference therapy pets can make in the lives of patients like himself. But will he be able to open his heart to love and the spirit of Christmas before he loses Faith?

Strangers in the Night by KT Roberts 

On one very magical day in New York City, two strangers meet by chance in a wine shop, each reaching for the same bottle. A meeting no one could have predicted, but their undeniable chemistry is destined to be sealed in fate. Having gone their separate ways, the two meet up again only blocks away. Now that he’s been given a second chance, he’s not letting her slip away this time. He discovers his Cinderella is leaving the following day and he’s fraught with anxiety. But not to worry, she’s got a plan! If he finds that rare bottle of wine again, her name and phone number will be on it, a certainty that true love and fate have chosen their destiny. A year later, circumstances conspire to bring her back to New York. A chance encounter reconnects them. Only this time, without the prerequisite bottle of wine. He wonders if she’ll still want to be with him now that she’s learned his secret? But only the Gods of Fate can answer that question.

Christmas Grace by Leslie Lynch 

No one wants to celebrate Christmas this year. Not Ella McKendrick, who, on the cusp of success as a potter, is tasked with her husband’s company party on too-short notice. She gives up her first pottery sale to pitch in, but the joy of the season is diminished. Not Gertie Wycliffe, Ella’s mom, a new widow who is doing everything she can to avoid her first Christmas alone. No one understands the grief and terror she feels—maybe because the craziness of a seventy-four-year-old woman signing up for skydiving lessons is all she lets them see. Not Natalie Shaw, Ella’s pregnant daughter. Natalie’s husband is deployed halfway around the world, and she believes that ignoring the holiday might blunt her loneliness. Then disaster strikes, not once but twice. Three generations; three untenable situations. Three women who come together for each other, and remember what’s most important about Christmas.

A Christmas Bowser by Kayce Lassiter 

A Christmas Novella, continuing the escapades of fairy godmother, Delta Jane.

Kolton Holloway returns to his small home town in Wyoming, after the death of his mother, intending to unload an unprofitable strip mall.  Unfortunately, the sale of the mall will force Harper Weston to close the doors of her wedding dress shop forever.  With these two at odds over the fate of the strip mall, Delta, has her hands full trying to make a love match between them.  Throw in a fairy godfather who thinks he’s a Christmas wedding planner, and Harper’s new puppy who is hell-bent on trashing her dress shop, and you have chaos of the highest magnitude.  Will Delta make this match in time to save the spirit of Harper’s unborn baby?  Or will the glimmer be lost forever?


ONLY 99¢



Dale Mayer

Dale Mayer is a USA Today bestselling author best known for her Psychic Visions and Family Blood Ties series and now her SEALs of Honor books. Her contemporary romances are raw and full of passion and emotion (Second Chances, SKIN), her thrillers will keep you guessing (By Death series), and her romantic comedies will keep you giggling (It’s a Dog’s Life and Charmin Marvin Romantic Comedy series).

She honors the stories that come to her – and some of them are crazy, break all the rules and cross multiple genres!

To find out more about Dale and her books, visit her at or connect with her online at Twitter: and Facebook:

If you like Dale Mayer’s books and are interested in receiving her newsletter, sign up here –

And if you’d like to try out one of her books for free – click here –


Rachelle Ayala

Rachelle Ayala is a bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense. She writes from sweet to steamy and believes that everyone should find love as often as possible, even if it’s within the pages of a book. Rachelle is working on a sweet series of romances with pets and firemen, Have a Hart Romances, and one full of bad boys, Bad Boys for Hire. She also writes sports romances in both football and baseball, as well as many holiday romances, both sweet and spicy.


Sandy Loyd

Sandy Loyd has worked and lived in some fabulous places in the US, including Northern California and South Florida. She now resides in Kentucky and writes full time.

As a former sales rep for a major manufacturer, she’s traveled extensively throughout the US, and has a million stored memories to draw from for her stories. She spent her single years in San Francisco and considers that city one of America’s treasures, comparable to no other city in the world. The books in her California Series, starting with Winter Interlude, are all set in the Bay Area.

Sandy is now an empty nester who has written almost two dozen novels. She strives to come up with fun characters—people you would love to call friends. We all know friends have their baggage and when we discover what makes them tick, we come to love them even more.

Whether she’s writing historical, time travel, romantic suspense, or contemporary romance, Sandy always tries to weave a warm love story into her work, while providing enough twists and turns to entertain any reader.


Marcia James

Marcia James finaled in eleven Romance Writers of America contests before selling her first contemporary romance. Her releases include Sex & the Single Therapist (the first in a comic romantic mystery series) and the “Klein’s K-9s Service Dogs” contemporary romance series. A national and international ebook bestseller, she writes hot, humorous romances featuring heroines you can root for, heroes to die for, and funny dogs.

In her eclectic career, Marcia has shot submarine training videos, organized celebrity-filled nonprofit events and had her wedding covered by People Magazine. After years of dealing with such sexy topics as how to safely install traffic lights, she is enjoying “researching” and plotting her novels’ steamy love scenes with her husband and hero of many years.


K.T. Roberts

K. T. Roberts writes romantic suspense with sass and brass and her soon-to-be published cozy mystery series featuring Glitzi Nash and the Goombahs, promises to be even sassier. She’s an author for Montlake Romance.

In 2012 she decided to try her hand at self-publishing and wrote her first mystery series, the Kensington-Gerard Detective Series. The Last Witness is Book One in that series. Elusive Justice is Book Two, and Deadly Obsessions being Book Three.

Blind Retribution is her first romantic suspense published by Montlake Romance and will be released November 29, 2016.

Originally a Jersey Girl, she lives with her real-life hero, Bob, in Arizona. They have four children. Although she’s a former chef, whipping up a gastronomic treat for family and friends has been relegated to the weekends because during the week, she’s in front of her computer writing her next great novel.

She has memberships in Romance Writers of American, Valley of the Sun Romance Writers and Sisters in Crime.

For more information about her books, visit her website at , and while you’re at it, drop her a note. She loves to hear from her readers.

She blogs on 3 separate weekly blogs:

You can subscribe to her monthly newsletter titled K. T’s Jersey Girl’s Musings by clicking on this link. Be the first to receive exciting news about releases, noteworthy events and chances to win prizes. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Sign-ups for her weekly blogposts are located on each corresponding blog.


Leslie Lynch

Out of Darkness, Into Hope: Novels of Suspense and Healing. Amazon Bestselling author Leslie Lynch gives voice to characters who discover unconventional solutions to life’s twists.

Leslie lives near Louisville, Kentucky, with her husband and a rescued feral-turned-sweetheart cat. A light airplane pilot, she also loves quilting and pottery. She’s written three full-length novels: Hijacked, Unholy Bonds, and Opal’s Jubilee; and two novellas: Christmas Hope and Christmas Grace. She is an occasional contributor to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis’s newspaper, The Criterion.


Kayce Lassiter

Kayce Lassiter is a second-generation native Arizonan, and a Butterscotch Martini Girl.  She is country through and through, and she writes what she knows—“Cowgirl Fiction”.  And just for fun, she likes to throw in a little magic too because what would a good ‘ol country story be without magic?  After all, doesn’t everyone have a fairy godmother who rides a Harley and sports a “Bite Me, Cowboy” tattoo on her shoulder?  Kayce does.






The Big #RomSuspense ebook #Giveaway #mgtab @mimisgang1


Today, I have a fun surprise I’d like to share with you.

To celebrate the fall, I’ve teamed up with more than 55 fantastic romantic suspense authors to give away a huge collection of novels, PLUS a Kindle Fire to one lucky winner!


You can win my novel, Twilight’s Encore, plus books from authors like Toni Anderson and Sarah Andre.


Enter the giveaway by clicking here:



Twilight’s Encore



“You find that hard to believe, right?” he grumbled.

She glanced up, her mossy green eyes soft with affection. “What?”

His fingers wrapped around the steering wheel before he did what he craved. Bury his hands in that silken waterfall of hair, drag her close, and see if her neck was half as soft as the cat’s.

“That anyone would want to stay with me of their own volition?”

Katy frowned. “What are you talking about? I was teasing, Ty. Don’t make this into something it’s not.”

Words to live by.

Good luck, and enjoy!

Jacquie Biggar


What Silver Bells means to me: Love, Christmas Collection #HolidayRomance #MFRWauthor



The song, Silver Bells, has many connotations for me. I first heard it as a young girl.



My mom and dad always took us out looking for the perfect Christmas tree. Sometimes we’d drive for hours before Dad found just the right area to search in. He’d park on the side of the country road and tell us to get ready, then go around to the back of the truck and haul out his axe and a rope so we could drag it out of the bush. The snow would be deep and fresh, with only a few animal tracks to guide us on our journey.

If the sun was still high enough, the snow would glisten like diamonds. If it was lower, the trees would cast shadows and we would hurry to stay close to our dad. The thing I remember most is the quiet. No cars. No people chattering. Just the crunch of our boots and the wind sighing through the spruce trees.

Being a townie, as we called the kids who always lived within town limits, this was a treat for us. It reminded me of church. And maybe that’s what it was meant to be, Nature’s cathedral.




When we’d finally get back home, Mom would make us hot chocolate, place Bing Crosby on our stereo record player, and Dad would bring the tree into the house and find the best spot to set it up. Most of the time, he picked a tree that was miles too big for our living room and bare on one side. He would grin at Mom’s clucks and groans and wink at us.

I think it was a game they played. 🙂

When my dad passed away, we stopped going out on our Christmas tree quest, instead we bought an artificial that went up in any corner of the room and always looked perfect.

But it didn’t have the scent of pine, or the love of a family outing to make it into something special.

When Mimi Barbour came up with the idea for a box set of holiday stories titled with Christmas songs, it was easy to decide which one I’d like to do. I was delighted when one of the winners of this spring’s Fresh Fiction contest chose my song!




It was fate. Thank you, Deb Philippon. 🙂




What about you? Do you have family traditions, young or old, that makes the holidays that bit more special?

We’d love to hear about them.


I hope you’ll give the Love, Christmas Collection a try. It’s filled with twenty never-before-seen novellas from bestselling authors of romance.

I think you’re going to like it!



Love, Christmas Collection

Put a song in your heart with 20 all-new Christmas Romances from NY Times, USA Today, and national best-selling authors. Each brand-new title is inspired by a Christmas carol and will lift your spirits and bring on the holiday cheer. 


•••••• PREORDER TODAY!!! ••••••



20 Holiday Stories That Will Put A Song In Your Heart!





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Sweet Christmas Kisses 3 #BoxSet #HolidayRomance #mgtab @BPICPromos


Sweet Christmas Kisses 3
Genre: Sweet Holiday Romance
Release Date: September 27, 2016



Join the authors for the Release Party, Tuesday, Sept. 27 on Facebook! All 17 authors in this boxed set write sweet romances and are members of Sweet Romance Reads, a group of authors whose books contain no sex, violence, or strong language. While the emotional stakes are high as the characters’ relationships grow, these stories are wholesome. Think movies rated G or PG. Therefore, Sweet Christmas Kisses 3 can be enjoyed by romance readers of any age.






Ring in the holiday season with 17 all-new, stand-alone stories from New York Times, USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors. Sweet Christmas Kisses 3 takes you around the globe from small-town USA, to London, England, and even to Africa. Don’t miss out on this sweet romance boxed set that’s sure to touch your heart, make you smile, and put you in the mood for Christmas.






Mona Risk, On Christmas Eve

She banished him from her life and dreams. But fate throws him in her path again and his tender gaze erases years of loneliness. Can they forgive each other and create a new future?

Christine Bush, Christmas Holly

Can a lonely single father of five-year-old triplets find love on a South Carolina beach? It might just take a Christmas miracle!

Lyn Cote, Mistletoe and Sage

New deputy in town, a single mom, two wounded hearts with a puzzle to solve together–will love spark under the mistletoe?





Denise Devine, A Merry Little Christmas

Merry Connor and Anthony Lewis search for treasure and find true love.

Raine English, The Christmas Gift

When Riley Wayne receives a dog for Christmas, it’s not just the pup that makes her heart flutter, the rescue group’s handsome owner does too.

Shanna Hatfield, Untangling Christmas

Tricked into helping with Silverton’s Festival of Trees, electrician Mike Clarke battles faulty outlets, tangled lights, and a woman determined to share the spirit of the season.





Ciara Knight, A Christmas on Miracle Mountain

When it takes a miracle to heal a heart.

Milou Koenings, The Kampala Peppermint Twist

A twist of fate. An overbooked flight. Christmas in Africa will flip her life upside down.

Magdalena Scott, The Road Not Taken

Francie Standish Carrington has some tough decisions to make and a lot of questions about a past she thought she understood.





Roxanne Rustand, A London Christmas

When Catriona heads to London for Christmas to meet a guy she met online, he steals her purse and disappears, but will a handsome photographer in the pub end up being the man of her dreams?

Alicia Street, Her Christmas Secret

Desperate to help her sister’s family, Lila courts a cold-hearted investor for her handmade toys, but learns Christmas has a way of bringing surprises where they’re least expected.

Kristin Wallace, Falling For You at Christmas

One expectant mother. One gorgeous innkeeper. Three days that will change her life forever.





Merrillee Whren, Second Chance Christmas

A young boy helps his estranged parents find love again at Christmas.

Cindy Flores Martinez, Operation Christmas Eve Wedding

A maid of honor is swept up in the chaos of planning her best friend’s spur-of-the-moment Christmas Eve wedding.

Victoria Pinder, Secret Wish

Luke Morgan doesn’t believe in miracles, but this season Christmas brought him Caro Soliz, the family maid.





Josie Riviera, Candleglow and Mistletoe

A rising pianist and a pro stuntman winding down his career find love amid the glow of Christmas candles.

Pat Simmons, Couple by Christmas

Divorcee Derek Washington wants to reconcile with his ex-wife by Christmas. Although he’s got a plan, with the help of his five-year-old son, Derek only has two weeks.






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A tireless traveler, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Mona Risk, writes contemporary romance, medical romance, and romantic suspense novels, all simmering with emotion, sprinkled with a good dose of humor and set in the fascinating places she visited— or in Florida, her paradise on Earth.


Christine Bush is an award winning author of many sweet romances, mysteries, and novellas. When she’s not writing, she can be found teaching Psychology at a local college, working as a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice, or (mostly) spending time with her twelve grandchildren.


Award-winning author of over 40 romances, Lyn Cote writes inspirational historicals and contemporary romantic suspense in her distinctive brand, “Strong Women, Brave Stories.” Lyn lives in a cottage on a lake in the northwoods with her real-life hero husband and (for comic relief and furry cuddling) her two cats.


Denise Devine is a USA Today bestselling author of romantic comedy and she also writes inspirational fiction. She wrote her first book, a mystery, at thirteen and has been writing ever since. She writes about true love, happy endings and stories that touch your heart.

USA Today bestselling and award-winning author Raine English writes sweet small-town contemporary romance, paranormal, and romantic suspense. She’s a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart finalist and a Daphne du Maurier Award winner. Raine lives in New England with her family and two French bulldogs, Bailey and Dolly.


Convinced everyone deserves a happy ending, hopeless romantic, USA Today bestselling author Shanna Hatfield is out to make it happen one story at a time. Her sweet historical and contemporary romances combine humor and heart-pumping moments and relatable characters.


Ciara Knight is a USA Today and Amazon Bestselling author who writes ‘A Little Edge and A Lot of Heart’ that spans the heat scales. Her popular sweet romance series, Sweetwater County (rated PG), takes readers into small town romance full of family trials, friendly competition, and community love.


Milou Koenings writes heartwarming romance novels because she believes sweet stories with happy endings are like chocolate – they bring joy to the world and so make it a better place. She’s lived all over the world, working as an editor and newspaper columnist, but loves staying home with her family most of all.


USA Today bestselling author Roxanne Rustand is the author of thirty-five traditionally published novels, plus four indie novels. She was a Golden Heart finalist twice, and a Golden Heart winner in 1995. She has won two RT Magazine Reviewers’ Choice Awards, and was nominated for an RT Magazine Career Achievement Award. Her earlier books were secular, but she now writes sweet indie romance, and inspirational romance for Love Inspired.


USA Today bestselling author Magdalena Scott writes sweet romance and women’s fiction with small town settings. She invites readers into her world to find out what’s hidden just below the surface of those tiny dots you can barely see on the map—mystery, romance, and the occasional unexplained occurrence.


Award-winning and USA Today bestselling author Alicia Street writes both sweet and steamy romances and sometimes collaborates with her husband, Roy. She spent many years as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher and is a compulsive reader of every genre.


Kristin Wallace is a USA Today bestselling author of inspirational, contemporary and women’s fiction filled with “Love, Laughter and a Leap of Faith.” Her popular series include the Covington Falls Chronicles and Shellwater Key Tales.


Merrillee Whren is an award-winning author who writes inspirational and sweet romance—stories that stir your emotions. She is married to her own personal hero, her husband of forty plus years, and has two grown daughters.


Cindy Flores Martinez is an Amazon bestselling Spanish romance author. She writes sweet romantic comedy and Christian romance. Her debut novel, Mail-Order Groom, started out as a screenplay and movie project, which she shopped around Hollywood, New York, and other parts of the world.


Victoria Pinder is a bestselling author of science fiction/fantasy and contemporary romance where her stories all include “Bold Women and the Brainy Men who love them.” Her popular series include the House of Morgan and the Collins Brothers.


Author Josie Riviera writes Historical, Inspirational, and Sweet Romances. She lives in the Charlotte, NC, area with her wonderfully supportive husband. They share their empty nest with an adorable Shih Tzu who constantly needs grooming and an old house forever needing renovations.


Pat Simmons is a three-time Emma award-winning author for Best Inspirational Romance. With more thirty Christian romance titles, Pat is the bestselling author of the Carmen Sisters series.




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(2) Grand Prize Kindle “Gift Baskets” of ALL eBooks (sweet or spicy!)!

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Mitch Taylor and Rebecca Sorenson share a secret. 


Rebecca’s job as secretary of Cascade Elementary, the same school she attended as a child, is rewarding. She has a great group of friends, many of whom are married now. And if sometimes she wished it were her up there in that sparkling white dress… 

Except, waitshe did get to wear bridal white. Granted, it was a slinky party dress and the justice of the peace was Elvis in a gold lame jacket, but still, the deed was done. 

She’d tied the knot. 

Mitch Taylor doesn’t do regrets. It would be a waste of energy bemoaning the mistakes he’d made in his life. The end of his promising football career taught him nothing in life was a guarantee. 

Like love. 

What were the chances two people from the same po-dunk town in Washington would end up together in a nightclub in Las Vegas? A few too many drinks later, a hasty ceremony performed by the king of rock ‘n’ roll, and they’d been hitched. The night that followed lived on in his dreams, but when he’d woken the next morning she was gone. 

Can these two mismatched lovers find a way past their mistakes, or will they keep their lonely hearts forever guarded?