Rejection Letters–A Little Decoding

rejection, not always a bad thing

Patience Bloom

Rejected stampIn a perfect world, I wouldn’t need to send a rejection letter. Over the years, I’ve written so many that I’m confident there’s a chair with my name on it in that fiery place below the River Styx. So just to pave the way, I’ll give you some insight into my rejection letters. While I do take notes with each submission, I tend to use the same sentences over and over (not always). 90% of the projects I turn away have the same problems, and there just isn’t time to go into much detail.

Here are my top–but not only–phrases in order of most used:

1. The pacing is inconsistent… So, the first chapter moves quickly. Second and third chapters, not so much. I will then go to the middle of the book and read from there. Every novel has a lull or two (hello, Gone with the Wind

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