Kat: Beginnings & Endings

great advice on how to get that perfect ending

Eight Ladies Writing

iStock_000024694204XSmallRecently, the eight ladies celebrated the completion of Justine’s first draft. Like most of us, she’d been struggling with the last third of her book. After months (well really over a year) of hard work and dead-ends, she finally had that breakthrough moment we all dream of, the moment when she discovered her perfect ending.

It’s great when a friend and sister-in-arms succeeds (congrats to Nancy, too!). Not only does she move that much closer to her ultimate goal, but her success is an inspirational battle cry for the rest of us, too. My perfect ending is out there somewhere; I just need to discover it. I already have a general idea of what happens:  Cheyenne will get her HEA (Happily Ever After) and she’ll win the conflict over the family house and land that she’s embroiled in with her Uncle Hawk, but how all of that happens is still a…

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