Fiction or non-fiction?

I’ve noticed on the movie circuit that there is a strong surge in movies based on real life events. The truly amazing Tom Hanks has always leaned towards these in his career and is a master at picking winners. In 2013 he starred in two such films. In Captain Phillips he is a captain of a frigate captured by Somali pirates and in Saving Mr. Banks he portrays Walt Disney.
As a writer I marvel at how well done these books and many like them are written. How unbelievable real life stories can be. Better than anything we can conjure in our imaginations.
As I continue to learn and one day manage to publish my own work, I can only hope to bring that realism to my readers, whether through fact or fiction.
So how about you? What movies have affected you in the past year? Do you think it affects our writing?
Talk to me, I’d love to hear from you, 🙂

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