A writers life

I’m counting my blessings this week.
I’m taking a course with Margie Lawson on dialogue cues and thinking like a physiologist, and have learned so much from her. We were asked to find editing partners from the other class participants and mine is the best 🙂 we’re working so well together we’re going to continue on after class as critiquing partners.

My local critique group of five ladies meet once a month to exchange thoughts on each other’s work, the publishing industry, writers craft, and invaluable things I would never have learned without them.

Last month I joined an online critique group, Romance Critique Group. We turn in our words for exchange once a month. Again, invaluable.

Have any of you worked with critique groups and what was your experience with them? Good or bad?

Any good online classes you’d like to recommend?

And oh yeah, it’s spring 🙂


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