He wants the one woman he can’t have… Casey by Kelly Hunter #WesternRomance #BookReview @TulePublishing @KellyHunterova




Rowan Harper has traveled the American Extreme Bull Riders tour circuit with her stock-contractor father since she was four years old. She’s seen the best rides and the worst wrecks. And then there’s TJ who impressed her most when he didn’t ride at all.

T.J. Casey walked away from his rightful place in last year’s bull riding finals in order to bury his father. His sponsors are gone, but he’s back to stake his claim. He wants the buckle, sure, but he also wants the woman who treats her bucking bulls like lambs.

Can T.J. really score the championship and the girl? Or will he have to choose between the two..once and for all?




Kelly Hunter

Australian author Kelly Hunter is a three time Romance Writers of America® RITA® Finalist, a USA Today Bestseller and loves to write to the demands of the short category romance form.

Visit her at http://www.kellyhunter.net




My Review

I’m loving the American Extreme Bull riders series!

I recently read and reviewed Tanner by Sarah Mayberry and was looking forward to more from these taller-than-life heroes and the women who show them there’s more to life than bulls 🙂

This book gives readers an up close and personal view from the back of the bull through our hero, T. J. Casey’s perspective. While a large part of the draw is the adrenaline rush, we also learn about the impetus that keeps this cowboy going after the glory- a dream of becoming a vet one day, independence, and maybe a reason for his four brothers to be proud of him.

Rowan has grown up in the industry. She’s rodeo royalty, and as such, fiercely protected by everyone she works with. Which makes showing an interest in a stubborn, handsome, funny cowboy difficult to say the least.

I loved Rowan with her insecurities and Casey for his support and kindness while watching the woman he cared for emerge into the world like a butterfly.

Sweet and sexy!

I give Casey 5 lovely kisses!



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