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The Healer

Imagine a Land…

Where the air is clear, and life is lived simply but fully;

Where the seasons follow the sun from sowing to harvest, from winter’s hibernation with music and stories through the revels and feasting of summer;

Where people called Weavers, people with special powers, walk the byways to bring healing, entertainment, and knowledge to towns and hamlets.

And now, imagine this peaceful land under threat…

Her Healing Powers Were Ripped Away

Willow left her childhood behind to become a Weaver, one of a select group of men and women who bring their skills as Healers, Bards, and Scribes to the scattered hamlets of the Midland. She has never been without access to the planetary Aura, the all-pervasive energy that enhances her healing skills, as well as assisting with tasks like starting fires and communicating across distances.

Then a space pod from a devastated planet disrupts her peaceful existence. It carries two grievously wounded men and threatens not only the Aura, but a way of life. Nor is the Aura as benign as everyone believes, and Willow pays the price.

A shadow of herself, she sets out through spell-clad hills to find her own healing.



About the Author

LizAnn Carson

I live with one husband and two cats on the west coast of British Columbia, in a city that’s large enough to have all modern conveniences, but not so large as to have hours-long traffic jams or heavy-duty pollution. I can follow a trail to my local supermarket, or be downtown in twenty minutes.

Yes, I spend much of my time writing (and editing, formatting, critiquing for other writers, battling recalcitrant computers, and occasionally tearing her hair out). I enjoy a variety of crafts. Recently I have been learning to play early music (Baroque and earlier) on my baritone ukulele – it works! I have studied herbology and homeopathy, hands-on and distant healing.

Diverse interests, all grist for an author’s mill.

My Review

A young woman named Willow, sets out on a journey of self-discovery and ends up on a path to save the destiny of her planet.

The author does a commendable job of drawing the reader into her world, painting the picture of a strong, willful heroine desperate to find the source of a disruption to her precious healing powers.

Filled with fresh, visual lines such as:

Willow woke to find early morning sunlight brushing her bed.

this is a fantasy adventure you won’t want to miss!

I give The Healer 4 lovely kisses


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