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Writing Life—Seriously? How about Real Life?

My life has been crazy since January 2016. At that time, Handsome was diagnosed with osteonecrosis in the jaw due to radiation for throat cancer ten years prior. First, he did hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments, 60 of them to be exact. But things went worse, and eventually, he had several transplant surgeries to build a new jaw. That brought its own repercussions.

And then there is the regular life stuff we want to do. Yikes.

Writing has been squeezed in when I can. I’ve managed to complete two short story rough drafts and work on my third romantic comedy mystery. I know my career is affected, but I plug away when I can, and you know, that’s okay because what is important is Handsome and my sanity.

I know many of you have been in similar predicaments. Know I’m with you.

So what is new? Why Season of Magic, a holiday boxed set, is now FREE at Amazon and all the other great e-retailers. My story is Holiday Disaster (Christmas + Bad Plumbing = Disaster). Here’s a bit about our stories:


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Noel Noel Noel by Merry Holly ~ Dumped and lonely, is it possible to find love at the local mall? Noelle thinks not, but a chance encounter with Chase Clayborne while Christmas shopping has her rethinking her rigid set of rules.

A Cinderella Christmas by Cara Marsi ~ Jessica Gallo no longer believed in fairy tales or happy endings. And she certainly didn’t believe she’d find her Prince Charming at Saks Fifth Avenue. Her Fairy Godmother thought differently.

Matchmaker Matchmaker by Bobbi Lerman ~ With Chanukah around the corner, is there enough magic left for a matchmaker to bring Molly’s cynical heart back to life?

Yuletide Bride by Gerri Brousseau ~ The Dowager Duchess’s decree that her grandson must marry before Twelfth Night or relinquish his title and fortune sends him into a tail spin. Without any prospects and with only two weeks until Christmas will Stuart Nelson find himself destitute or will he find The Yuletide Bride?

Holiday Disaster by Vicki Batman: The week before Christmas and all is in disarray when a librarian experiences horrible plumbing issues and a Mr. Maintenance Man who isn’t nearly as jolly as Santa Claus.



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10 Replies to “Season of Magic by @VickiBatman #Free #BoxSet #HolidayRomance”

  1. It is reassuring to find another writer who has to cope with the real world while attempting to produce brilliant content! Before I started writing, I thought my days would be filled with peace and quiet, just the scratching of my pencil. Quite a shock to discover that I was still expected to be a wife, mother, nanny, nurse advisor, gardener…

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    1. Yes, real life issues never disappear. It’s a testament to our love of writing that we still manage to make room for what’s important to us.
      Thanks for stopping by to comment and share, appreciated!

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    2. Hi, Jenanita 01! Ya, I knew when I began writing 13 years ago, I still had mom stuff to do. Like pick up a kid from school and ferry him to baseball (which I loved). But all of those things have given me some great stuff to add to stories. Hugs, vb

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