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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • J. R. Ward returns with an all-new tale of paranormal passion in the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood continues to train the best of the best to join them in the deadly battle against the Lessening Society. Among the new recruits, Axe proves to be a cunning and vicious fighter—and also a loner isolated because of personal tragedy. When an aristocratic female needs a bodyguard, Axe takes the job, though he’s unprepared for the animal attraction that flares between him and the one he is sworn to protect.

For Elise, who lost her first cousin to a grisly murder, Axe’s dangerous appeal is enticing—and possibly a distraction from her grief. But as they delve deeper into her cousin’s death, and their physical connection grows into so much more, Axe fears that the secrets he keeps and his tortured conscience will tear them apart.

Rhage, the Brother with the biggest heart, knows all about self-punishing, and he wants to help Axe reach his full potential. But when an unexpected arrival threatens Rhage and Mary’s new family, he finds himself back in the trenches again, fighting against a destiny that will destroy all he holds most dear.

As Axe’s past becomes known, and fate seems to be turning against Rhage, both males must reach deep—and pray that love, rather than anger, will be their lantern in the darkness.

Praise for Blood Vow

“Sharp, sexy, and funny.”New York Journal of Books

“Nonstop action, steamy sexual tension . . . and absorbing characters.”BookPage
“Packed with quietly gut-wrenching emotions, healing and sacrifice.”—Under the Covers

Praise for J. R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series

“Utterly absorbing.”—Angela Knight

“To die for . . . I love this series!”—Suzanne Brockmann



J.R. Ward

J.R. Ward is the number one New York Times bestselling author of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series of vampire books. She is a winner of the prestigious Romance Writers of America RITA award for Best Paranormal Romance and is a multiple RITA nominee. A graduate of Smith College, she was a double major in History and Art History with a medieval concentration in both and she still longs at times for a return to those days sitting in dark lecture halls, looking at slides of old triptychs and reliquaries. Prior to becoming a full time writer, she was a corporate attorney, serving for many years as the Chief of Staff of one of Harvard Medical Schools premier teaching sites. Her idea of absolute heaven is a day filled with nothing but her computer, her dog and her coffee pot and the Brothers, of course.



My Review


Every time I open a new BDB (Black Dagger Brotherhood) book I think that it can’t get any better than the last one, and EVERY TIME I’m proven wrong!

This book has so many layers, as do all the books within the series. This is so much more than your average vampire romance. There’s a life and death war with the lessers, ongoing clashes between the upper echelon in the vampire society and those not born with a silver spoon, and training for the recruits- the civilization’s last hope.

Rhage and Mary are faced with an impossible decision that could rip their new-found family apart, and the stress is felt throughout the King’s household.

Recruit, Axe, is a loner and that’s just how he likes it. Caring means pain, and he wants nothing to do with that monster, but a job opportunity changes everything when he falls for the very woman he’s been hired to protect.

Secrets threaten the connection he’s made with the beautiful Elise and when a near-death experience brings everything to a head, he realizes too late, how much he could lose.

Warning: This is NOT a book you can set down!

I give Blood Vow 5+ Kisses- This is going on my keeper shelf, for sure!


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  1. I was actually growing disenchanted with the series. I wasn’t going to get this book, but I adore Rhage. After reading your review, I know I’m going to have to read it.

    BTW, the Wavefront Publishing graphic is quite lovely. It always captures my attention when I see it on your platform

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    1. Hi Staci,
      I haven’t read The Beast and maybe one or two before that, but this new spin-off is really good! The brothers are involved as well as a cast of new recruits who add a lot of dimension to the series.
      And Lassiter.
      He’s at once endearing and hilarious in this one 🙂
      Thanks for the graphic mention, I fell for it the moment I found it, lol

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      1. I do love Lassiter.

        I read one or two of the offshoot stories. They didn’t have the same passion and interplay the BDB series did. But I love sarcastic banter, and in the first side novel, there were no people to snark with. Oh, well. When I get more time, I might read more of them.

        I liked her first Whiskey book. Haven’t read the sequel of that, yet. I enjoyed that story.

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      2. I did read that. I enjoyed it very much. I wished we got a book for each sin. I felt cheated when she ended the book with the sixth instead of the seventh. But it was a good series with a great redemptive arc.

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    1. I adore J.R. Ward! She infuses her characters with so much personality you can’t help but love them.
      There are some sex scenes, but it’s easy enough to skip past those if they aren’t your thing, it doesn’t detract from the story at all.
      She has a good sale going on this book right now, by the way 🙂


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