#BookReview- Simple by Anita Dawes #Suspense @jaydawes2

Simple’s life is a painful nightmare.
He is one huge bear of a man, but with the heart and mind of an innocent child. He suffers terrible abuse from his vicious and uncaring backwoods family.
Together with his half-sister Leanne, they are hunted like wild animals and suffer the terror of nearly being burned alive as they try to escape.
Will they ever discover the joy of freedom?

Photo by Connor Danylenko on Pexels.com

My Review

Life in the backwoods of Eastern USA is not easy. The hardscrabble country folk live by their own set of tough rules and there is a price to pay for breaking them.

Leanne’s family are as much a part of the woods as the trees and carnivores of the forest. They are rough, cruel, and frightening except for Simple, a big brute of a man with a soft heart and the mind of a child. Leanne would have run away long ago, but she was too scared of what her Uncle Jimmy would do to Simple to leave him behind.

When trouble comes to the mountain, Leanne is forced to make decisions for her and Simple or die.

This is a gripping suspense with intense scenes and complex characters who practically leap off the page. Uncle Jimmy, Jack, Granny are all people I would NOT want to meet in a dark alley!

Favorite Lines

When Simple got worked up his words stuck, stretched out like an echo rebounding around the woods before finding the end of it.

Simple- Anita Dawes

Putting on a face, Gran always said, don’t mean you can hide what you are.

Simple- Anita Dawes

I fell asleep, listening to the rain and Simple’s mind spilling out on to the dry leafy floor.

Simple- Anita Dawes

This book is the haunting story of one young girl’s journey to a new life. It is the story of survival.

I give Simple 5 lovely kisses- Unpredictable!

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50 comments on “#BookReview- Simple by Anita Dawes #Suspense @jaydawes2

  1. Great review and the book sounds fantastic. Congratulations to Anita!

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  2. Huge thanks, Jacquie. You have made my day with your lovely comments about Simple!

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  3. A great review Jacquie. Many congratulations Anita.

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  4. Jacquie, a superb review of a book which I found incredible and has stayed with me! You capture its spirit brilliantly here and it is one I recommend highly. It’s not often I find a book has nail-biting final chapters but this one did – intense. The characterisation is amazing with a tight, compelling and surprising storyline! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on Anita’s book here!

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  5. Love your review and favorite lines, Jacquie! Eeek to Deliverance!

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  6. A fantastic review! I love that you included the quotes.

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  7. I love that you pull great lines for your reviews, Jacquie. You shared some really good ones this time. Great review.

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  8. What a fantastic cover – and wonderful review, Jacquie. Like Staci, I also love how you pull quotes from the book – they can really hook a potential reader.

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  9. This sounds really good. RT

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  10. Wow, that last quote really blew me away! This sounds like an intense but amazing read. Congratulations to Anita!

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  11. The cover really caught my attention. It looks like something you would see in the woods. And the line about the rain was a good one. Nice review, Jacquie.

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  12. petespringerauthor

    Shades of the Waltons meets Deliverance—now that is a hook! Good luck to Anita with this one.

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  13. D.L. Finn, Author

    This sounds like a great read, Jacquie. Thanks for the review.

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  15. Congratulations to Anita Dawes for receiving such a great review.

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