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So many books, so little time!

2020 has been a year of stress, confusion, loss and depression. But, it’s also been a year where heroes from all walks of life have shone their torches and made the world a better place.

Like many others, I haven’t been able to focus on anything this year, other than praying for my family’s health, and my writing has suffered for it. However, I managed to surpass my Goodreads Reading Challenge of 85 books and am up to 92 so far, with a few days left to go- yay, me!


While many bloggers are posting their top ten reads of the year, I thought I’d do something a bit different and mention my top reads from fellow writers in the blogging community.

You can click the learn more buttons to see my full reviews or the covers to go straight to Amazon, all are 4-5 star reads and highly recommended!

Lords of Chaos

D. Wallace Peach

I love this author’s incredible writing style and can’t recommend her books enough. This series strikes a note of familiarity with the current status of our world. I hope and pray we can come together and change its outcome ❤


For book descriptions, excerpts, maps, and behind the scenes info, please visit http://dwallacepeachbooks.com.

For her blog on all things writing, please visit http://mythsofthemirror.com.

The Nine

D.L. Cross

There are human power players at work who are almost as dangerous as the aliens!

The sarcasm and interactions among the characters make this an unputdownable read.

D.L. Cross also writes other genre fiction under the name Staci Troilo, and you can find more information about all her identities and all her work at her website: https://stacitroilo.com.

Against All Odds

Jacqui Murray

A spellbinding tale set in the time of early man. Jacqui Murray is a marvel at creating a prehistoric world that readers can easily relate to.

Read Jacqui’s tech thrillers, To Hunt a Sub and Twenty-four Days here on Amazon Kindle. Also, read her new series, Man vs. Nature, starting with Born in a Treacherous Time–also on Kindle.


Brazos Wind

Jan Sikes

This short story has all the feel-goods of a much longer novel. I quickly became invested in Jack and Savannah and their journey. Hopefully, there will be more about these two in an upcoming book!


Jan Sikes is an award-winning Texas author who has been called a wordsmith by her peers. 

Connect through Jan’s website: http://www.jansikes.com

Watching Glass Shatter

James J. Cudney

The Glass family are rich, well-liked, family-orientated. But all of that disintegrates under the burden of a secret so devastating it’s hard to comprehend.

A child lost.

A lie kept.

Writing has been a part of my life as much as my heart, my mind and my body. At some points, it was just a few poems or short stories; at others, it was full length novels and stories.

Find Jay here: https://jamesjcudney.com/

No More Mulberries

Mary Smith

This story is written with an obvious affection for the Afghan people and their culture. I enjoyed learning about a way of life so far removed from mine. Though Afghanistan has its problems, it’s a beautiful country with kind and caring people.

Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni: Real Stories of Afghan Women is an account of her time in Afghanistan and her debut novel No More Mulberries is also set in Afghanistan.
Mary loves interacting with her readers and her website is http://www.marysmith.co.uk.

Dog Bone Soup

Bette Stevens

Shawn’s strength of will and ingenuity shine throughout this heartwarming tale. Set in the 50’s the vernacular takes us back to ‘simpler’ times when work was long and hard for little payment and indoor plumbing was for the rich.

Inspired by nature and human nature, author Bette A. Stevens is a retired elementary and middle school teacher, a wife, mother of two and grandmother of eight. 


Moments We Love

Balroop Singh

A rich tapestry of emotion guides the reader through first love through the pain of loss and poignant memories in Moments We Love by Balroop Singh.

Balroop Singh, an educationalist, a poet and an author always had a passion for writing. 

You can visit her blog at http://balroop2013.wordpress.com


Anita Dawes

This is a gripping suspense with intense scenes and complex characters who practically leap off the page. Uncle Jimmy, Jack, Granny are all people I would NOT want to meet in a dark alley!

Anita Dawes has written six fiction novels in various genres, Bad Moon, Simple, Secrets, The Scarlet Ribbon; Let it Go and Not My Life. Presently working on a sequel to her popular supernatural romance, The Scarlet Ribbon.


Red Eyes in The Darkness

D.L. Finn

This is a fast-moving story with all the right elements of suspense and a touch of paranormal thrown in to create a book you won’t be able to set aside!

D.L. Finn’s creations vary from children’s books, young adult fantasy, and adult paranormal romance to an autobiography with poetry. She continues on her adventures with an open invitation for her readers to join her.

Life’s Rich Tapestry

Sally Cronin

Life’s Rich Tapestry is a variety of poetry, short stories and microfiction designed to engage the reader to look at the world in a different light. Whether delving into human emotion, nature, or flights of fancy there is something slightly magical about the author’s turn of phrase.

Over the last 18 years this love of writing has developed into another eleven titles, my blog and also into Indie Publishing in 2004.

If you would like to talk to me about guest blogging or to participate in any of the FREE book promotions you can find details at this link.

Viral Blues

C.S. Boyack

The pacing is fast in this highly inventive story of the battle between good and evil. The author added a number of twists and turns that kept this reader guessing what would happen next!

I like to write about things that have something unusual. My works are in the realm of science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy. The goal is to entertain you for a few hours. I hope you enjoy the ride.



Mae Clair

Mae Clair seamlessly blends past and present timelines, gothic creatures, ghosts and complex characters to create an unforgettable story.

Mae Clair has achieved bestseller status on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, with several of her novels chosen as book club selections.

Discover more about Mae on her website and blog at MaeClair.com

There are many more, but I better quit for now, lol. Have you read any of these? What did you think?

See you in 2021!

happy new year

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  1. What a wonderful list! Thank you for sharing, Jacquie. I’ve read several of the books, and like you, I enjoyed them very much. I didn’t join the Goodreads challenge this year, but I’m going to for 2021. I’ll be starting much lower than you! 🙂

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  2. What an amazing list, Jacquie. I’m touched to have been included. Thank you. It’s an honor to be among the other authors you selected. I never think to write a list like this, but I hope you know you’d be on mine.

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  3. I’ve read almost all of these, and couldn’t agree with your praise for the titles and authors more. Thank you so much for including Eventide among them. I’m honored to be part of such a great group.

    Congratulations on surpassing your GR challenge, too. 92 books is amazing! WOW!

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  4. What an amazing and eclectic list of books and authors, Jacquie! I am honored and thrilled to have “Brazos Wind” included here. I had so much fun writing that story. I’ve read a goodly portion of the books you have listed here and totally agree they are phenomenal reads! Happy New Year!

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  5. Wonderful list from a diverse group of writers. I’ve read several of these or other books written by the same authors. I think you should do this annually, Jacquie. You may have found a great new tradition.

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  6. I’ve read most, and enjoyed, on your list, Jacquie:) I’m going to have to make sure I have the rest on my TBR list. Thank you for including Red Eyes in the Darkness. I’m excited to know you enjoyed it enough to include it here! Xo

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  7. What a wonderful round up of fabulous reads, Jacquie! I’m familiar with many of these authors and impressed with the talents of these self-published authors. I love the challenge of Goodreads and read 51 books this year, many of them were my fellow bloggers’ books! Happy New Year to you and your family!

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  8. Hi Jacquie. I didn’t know how much you were suffering, you have held II so well. Loving prayers for strength and healing are being sent up for you and your family. I love your year end presentation! Selflessness is but one of your beautiful qualities! Happy New Years Hugs to you dear Jacquie!🎼🕊)))💓((( 🎼🔔🍮🍂🍮🔔🌺

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