Two Captivating #Reads Sam, A Shaggy Dog @sgc58 and Allie and Bea @cyanhyde

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I’ve come down sick with a cold/flu and yes, I’m a big baby, lol. I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up with commenting or your blogs. Hopefully, this will be a short-lived thing or hubby might throw me under the trailer 🙂

The two reads I want to share this week are heart-warming stories about foster families.

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Millions of families around the World believe that their pet, dog or cat is the most intelligent, beautiful and loyal friend that anyone could have. And they are absolutely right.

Told from a collie’s perspective, Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story is a completely captivating tale (tail?) of a puppy’s journey through life with his two-legged family.

It doesn’t take long to realize Sam has his new family firmly under a furry paw. When he won’t eat because of the food’s location, Sally sets him up in the household fireplace- fire-free, of course- which bites him in the butt, or should I say face, as he comes out covered in soot!

There are many ‘learning’ moments throughout the story and a ton of affection that’s sure to warm the staunchest heart. The author embedded candid photos highlighting the love she has for this beautiful animal.

This is a must-read for any animal lover. Sam is a sweetheart, and his foster family aren’t bad either 🙂

An Amazon Charts bestseller.
Humor and heart move the fast-paced journey of an unlikely pair coming together to form a family of their own in this touching story from New York Times bestselling author Catherine Ryan Hyde.

When retiree and widow Bea is scammed by a caller claiming tax evasion, she is forced to give up her home and escape in the night with her old bakery van converted into temporary housing. The plan is to travel as far west as a tank of gas will take her and then wait until the next social security check arrives in her new bank account before deciding what to do next.

Fifteen-year-old Allie lives in a ritzy neighborhood. She has everything she wants until the Feds arrest her parents for tax fraud. Suddenly, Allie’s easy life is gone, and she is forced to survive in a strange and hostile new world. A narrow escape from a sex trafficker lands Allie in front of an old bakery van and a cynical grandmotherly woman who reluctantly agrees to give her a ride to the next town.

Two mismatched individuals find a friendship they never expected in this candid story of love, redemption, and forgiveness- a 5* read!

That’s it for me other than this cute pick of kiddo surrounded by cats at a pet sanctuary. Oh, yeah, send lozenges! lol

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  1. First-off, Get Well soonest! I’ve read some of Sally Cronin’s writing – she’s so natural and a lovely, giving person. Sam was a gorgeous dog! Her – Sally’s – poetry is great too. Thank you, Jacquie. Cheers. x

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    1. I always think of Lassie (do you know the show?) when I see a Collie. They’re gorgeous creatures.
      I’ve read a few of Sally’s books and enjoyed them all- she’s a talented writer.
      Thank you, Joy!


  2. Oh goodness, take care of yourself, Jacquie. It’s definitely flu season. Thank you for sharing your new reviews/endorsements. I love anything Sally writes. She captures life as few can and along with it, my heart. 🤗

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  3. I hope you feel better soon, Jacquie. We tend to understandably overreact these days to any mention of a cold or flu.

    I’m not familiar with Allie and Bea, but I have lots of good memories of Sam and his loving owners, Sally and David.

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    1. Catherine Ryan Hyde is a Wall Street award-winning novelist, Pete. She blends older characters with their various ailments or foibles with young people in an opposites clash plotline. They’re wonderful reads.
      And yes, I’m scared to go out anywhere and cough- I might be banned, lol

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  4. Oh no, Jacquie! So sorry you are under the weather. Hoping for a quick and complete recovery. Love the photo of your grandson. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these books!

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