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Well, we just came through a gigantic windstorm where our airport registered 106 km gusts- the highest ever recorded at this time of the year- and now we’re under a winter storm warning! WTH?

We spent Saturday building a 3×5 greenhouse I ordered from Costco to protect our Washington orange, a Lime, and a Loquat from the rain and cooler temps.

This week I had the chance to read books by two of my favorite fantasy authors, so let’s dive into their reviews.

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Sent by the queen to broker a lasting peace, Gannon proposes a risky strategy—to win the battle for the Far Wolds, Whitt and the people he loves must lose the war.

The third segment in The Rose Shield series opens with a political debate on the collapsing peace in the Far Wolds, pressure from the Cull Tarr Shiplord for a bond with the Ellegean queen, and Catling’s growing dissatisfaction with her life of servitude.

When an attempt is made to kidnap Catling’s daughter, Rose, she is forced to give her into the care of Raker and the river folk. The loss too much to bear, she returns to Markim-Ava and the Poisoner’s Hall to fill in the distorted birthmark around her eye. It’s not long before she learns the change has given her a new- and deadly- power.

Whitt has troubles of his own now that he’s been promoted to lieutenant.

Whitt accepted the badge. “Thank you. I’ll make you proud.”
“Make yourself proud, Whitt. You’re the one who has to live with you.”

Peach, D. Wallace. Farlanders’ Law (The Rose Shield Book 3) (p. 5). D. Wallace Peach. Kindle Edition.

He is tasked with accompanying the queen’s consort, Gannon, to Tor and High Ward’s encroachment into the Farlander’s territory- threatening the Founders treaty between their people.

The justice refocused his attention on the queen and began with an outline of High Ward Antoris’s vision of the Far Wolds as a lucrative extension of Ellegeance dominance, with Tor as its center of governance and commerce.
“A gateway city to the realm proper. We are rich in natural resources, land, fortitude, and ambition.”
“And the Farlanders stand in our way,” the queen said.
“Precisely.” Narl smiled,

Peach, D. Wallace. Farlanders’ Law (The Rose Shield Book 3) (p. 123). D. Wallace Peach. Kindle Edition.

Fighting erupts forcing Whitt to choose between his oath and the tribe he’s come to care for.

This is an emotionally taut foray into political ambitions, impossible decisions, and the honor of man. While best read from the start, the power of this author’s characterizations will draw you in at any point in the series.

Can’t wait for book 4!

In this final book of the trilogy, Lucy and her tribe leave their good home to rescue captured tribemembers who are in grave danger.

Lucy is back!

Lucy and her new eclectic tribe are on a search for her former tribemates, captured and in danger by Man-Who-Preys.

Faced with a harsh environment, deadly creatures, and warring tribes, Lucy finds an inner core of strength and determination to keep her pack safe while dealing with increasingly painful headaches. Along the way, she learns new methods of communication from a half-blind boy-man she knew as a child. The skills each brings to the group are crucial. They must all work together to defeat their enemies or perish.

The research into edible and healing plants, topography, prey, grooming, and natural disasters adds realism to this prehistoric series, making it unputdownable.

Well done, Ms. Murray!

My takeaway from these fantastic novels is that if we want to survive- and thrive- we must accept our differences, open our hearts and minds to the wisdom we can gain from other cultures, and cherish the land from which we get our sustanance.

Remembrance Day, November 11, is set aside to honor our soldiers who gave their lives to serve our country.

This is a photo of Uncle Joe and his wife, Aunt Marion (my grandmother’s sister). It was taken on my great-grandmother’s homestead in 1939, just before he left to do his duty. Thankfully, he came home to his family.

Uncle Joe and Aunt Marion- 1939 approx

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  1. Wonderful reviews, Jacquie! Congrats to Diana and Jacqui. Glad you survived the crazy weather – especially in an RV. That had to be a bit scary. Thanks for sharing today and have a great week ahead!

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  2. The weather is definitely crazy. We went straight into winter and early snow here. I hear the winds are coming too. You gave me an idea for my green house by adding some lemons to it. Great reviews. I’m eager to continue Diana’s series and just finished Jacqui’s great series! Great photo too. Xo

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    1. I heard the west coast is going to see a stormy winter season this year, but they didn’t need to be so literal about it, lol.
      The lemon will hold its leaves to -5 but not the fruit. I’m hoping this will make a difference.

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  3. Wonderful reviews, Jacquie. Thank you for sharing. BTW, we had a surprise snow storm a few days ago, along with strong winds. Crazy, right? I love the photo of your aunt and uncle … precious! ❤️

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      1. Even though it’s based in reality, I linked it to fantasy because you had to create Lucy’s world and her tribemates.
        I’m awed by the work that goes into storylines like these- so much harder than my contemporaries, lol


  4. Congratulations to Diana and Jacqui on the excellent reviews!

    Your windstorm sounds very scary, Jacquie.

    I loved the photo of your Uncle Joe and his wife. I’m so glad he made it safely back home to his family!

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    1. I love reading these authors’ books!
      I remember going berry picking with Aunt Marion every autumn. We got a kick out of watching her fall asleep mid-sentence, then wake a few minutes later and carry on with whatever she’d been saying as though nothing happened!

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  5. Thanks so much for the review, Jacquie. What an unexpected threat. I always think of this book as Whitt’s and loved featuring him. He’s a great guy for all he endures. Thank you so much for reading. I’m honored and grateful. And a wonderful review of Jacqui’s latest. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole series.
    Stay safe and warm as winter is starting to make its presence known!

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  6. Two outstanding authors—ones I have great respect for.

    Wacky and wild weather for sure, Jacquie. The script suddenly flipped in the last month.

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    1. That’s what we get for bragging about our lovely west coast weather, lol.
      Diana and Jacqui are the best at creating outstanding settings designed to draw their readers into the worlds they’ve so intricately created- masterful.

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  7. I’m so glad that your Uncle came back from the war; we owe our freedoms to heroes like him. On another note, I want to congratulate Jacqui and Diana on these great reviews! Both of them are skilled in their craft and I look forward to diving into these reads. Thanks for sharing, Jacquie. Stay safe with the crazy weather you’re having over there.

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