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His Christmas Gift

His Christmas Gift

by Sarah Mayberrry

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Since tragedy estranged defense attorney Jenna Macintosh from her family, she’s done her best to pretend Christmas doesn’t exist. Not so easy this year when she needs to work with client Lacey Gallagher, who is living on her brother Sawyer’s Christmas tree farm. All those fragrant pines dripping with twinkling lights are bad enough, but when disaster strikes, Jenna is stuck alone in a wooded cabin with Sawyer, the hottest man she’s ever met.

Experience has taught Sawyer Gallagher that smart city women like Jenna don’t want men like him, but when Jenna falls ill, he must abandon his plan to keep his distance and soon he’s trying to work out ways to make her his—and not just for Christmas.

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About the Author:

From Sarah’s website: http://www.sarahmayberry.com/

Well, you asked for it (or maybe you just accidentally clicked on the wrong tab…)

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve pretty much always wanted to be a writer. In pre-school I was always rifling through the craft cupboard, looking for paper to take home and turn into “books”. And I’ve always loved reading. As a teenager, I perfected the art of walking home from school while reading at the same time. (Okay, occasionally I tripped.)

After I finished high school, I did a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing. I started trying to write my first romance novel around that time. Thanks to Georgette Heyer, my early attempts were all Regency romances. They will never see the light of day. Enough said. Then I tried contemporary romance. Again, no joy. But I was building an extensive collection of rejection letters, so there’s always a bright side.

Since no one was banging down my door offering me a publishing contract for a gazillion dollars, I took a job in trade journalism writing about…wait for it…hardware. Nuts and bolts and electric drills. Six years of them, in fact. From journalism I moved into corporate communications for a major retailer, launching a new consumer magazine for them, and finally I wound up working in television on Australia’s longest running serial drama, Neighbours. This was a great job, and it taught me an enormous amount about character, story, structure and emotional story telling. It also helped me see where I’d been going wrong with my romance writing.

I went back to the drawing board. I wrote. I submitted. I waited. More than a year and a couple of revisions later, I got The Call. Much dancing with underwear on head and champagne swilling ensued.

My Review:

Sarah has this amazing talent of drawing readers into the hearts and emotions of her characters and before you know it, you’re almost as deeply invested in the outcome of the story as they are.

I haven’t read a book of hers that I haven’t enjoyed and many are on my keeper shelf as re-reads-yes, she’s that good. 🙂

A large part of this story is turned over to non-relationships. Jenna blames herself and is estranged from her father because of a horrific accident in which her sister died. Sawyer lives with the guilt of not doing more to protect his younger sister from bad mistakes that ended with her serving time in jail.

This is a second chance novel- my favorite :)- but it’s also a story of promise and new beginnings.

Perfect for the holiday season, don’t you agree? 🙂

I give His Christmas Gift 5 lovely kisses


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