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A Bad Boy For Christmas

by Kelly Hunter


Genre: Contemporary Romance


How can he protect his family when he no longer knows what family is?

Cutter Jackson’s perfect world is crumbling. A new-found half-brother, a father short on answers, and a woman who challenges his every word will do that to a man. He’s losing his authority, his morality and his restraint with every breath. And there’s still Christmas and New Year to navigate.

Street-savvy Mia Blake isn’t looking for a place in the family Cutter loves so much. As for the lust that sparks between them, Mia’s more than happy to fan those flames and drive them both a little nuts. She can handle it. She can handle him right up until the moment Cutter decides he wants more than a holiday fling…

The Jackson Brothers
Book 1: The Honeymoon Trap
Book 2: Sympathy for the Devil
Book 3: A Bad Boy for Christmas

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Kelly Hunter


Australian author Kelly Hunter is a three time Romance Writers of America® RITA® Finalist, a USA Today Bestseller and loves to write to the demands of the short category romance form.

Visit her at www.kellyhunter.net


My Review:

Kelly is one of those writers that when you pick up the book you become immediately immersed in her characters and their conflicts.

She does an amazing job of centering the reader in the setting without having to use paragraphs of description.

Her heroines are strong, capable women who get along just fine, thank you very much. Yet once they run into their fates, the hero, it turns their world off its axis.

I love how Kelly captures the essence of passion, anxiety, and love without making it too easy on her characters. 🙂

Favorite lines:

“Just because she’s his sister, doesn’t mean she’s our sister.” Eli added his two cents. Good point. Cutter was going to hold to that small but significant distinction, otherwise he was going to have to face the fact that he’d been temporarily and altogether unwittingly lusting after his sister. Half-sister. Step-sister? Just shoot him now.

Hunter, Kelly (2015-11-13). A Bad Boy for Christmas (The Jackson Brothers Book 3) (Kindle Locations 105-108). Tule Publishing. Kindle Edition.

This is a series for anyone who believes in a grand, passionate love. And don’t we all wish for that? 🙂

I give A Bad Boy For Christmas 5 lovely kisses


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