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Esmeralda Lawton is sick of the big city. “Ralda” was betrayed until trust became a theoretical concept. So it’s a dream come true when she buys an old estate, complete with historic cemetery. Okay, she isn’t excited about the cemetery, but she’s strangely drawn to the estate. Atonement, Tennessee, a quaint town, seems like the perfect place for her. However, her new life isn’t quiet.

The house is full of antiques. Some have extraordinary properties — a brass bed causes strange dreams, and a mirror shows the truth of who you are.

A mysterious neighbor secretly watches over the graveyard. There’s more to him than meets the eye, but what? Then there’s Gwydion, owner of Fae’s Flowers. She stubbornly resists her feelings for him.

Ralda suspects that people are drawn to Atonement to, well — atone. She wonders what sins led her there. However, her ancestress made the mistakes.

Atonement is home to more than humans. Supernaturals go there too. Some have fallen far.

This urban fantasy, seasoned with Celtic mythology, comes with a side-order of mystery. Are you sad to see the “Sookie Stackhouse” stories end? Make a visit to Atonement, Tennessee!





Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene lives in a major east coast city, but she calls the desert southwest home. She longs to return to those magical lands.

Teagan had always devoured fantasy novels of every type. Then one day there was no new book readily at hand for reading — so she decided to write one. And she hasn’t stopped writing since.

Her work is colored by her experiences from living in the southern states and the southwest. Teagan most often writes in the fantasy genre, but she also writes cozy mysteries. Her blog “Teagan’s Books” contains serial stories written according to “things” from viewers.

Major influences include Agatha Christie, Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Robert Jordan, and Charlaine Harris.




My Review

In a surprising twist of fate, Esmeralda (Ralda) Lawton wins a house on an online auction and moves from the big city to small town life in Atonement, Tennessee.

She loves her new home but some of the furniture spooks her out and the neighbors are just a little strange. Ralda’s intuition tells her all is not what it seems in this sleepy-eyed community and she’s not sure what to make of the two handsome men who keep showing up at her door.

Lillith, the calico cat is on an adventure of her own as she investigates the eerie cemetery that is part of her new home. Strange creatures and and magic abounds as the Sunhold Mansion tightens its hold on an unsuspecting Esmeralda.

This book is a captivating read!

I give Atonement, Tennessee 4 lovely kisses!




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      1. You are so kind. I still appreciate it. I’ve heard such things about Goodreads that I’m terrified of it, LOL. So thanks for going there for me. BookBub, I’ve only heard of it in passing. With work and the blog, I just don’t have time for all the other places.

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      1. The biggest surprise to me about how people received this novel was Lilith the cat. I needed a device to tell part of the first person story that the heroine wouldn’t witness. I didn’t want a stream of people dropping by to tell her about things. None of the human characters made sense for a secondary narrator… So I decided on an animal. Being a cat person, I wanted a different animal that people wouldn’t expect me to use, but that was not to be. Lilith was almost a mouse, she was almost a spider. But she ended up a cat despite my efforts.
        What shocked me was that people liked her. I was afraid it would be annoying. However, she was so well liked that I gave her a larger part in book two.
        More hugs.

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    1. This is the opening line: Dawn’s light cast shadows that shifted amid branches of magnolia and mountain laurel, and danced upon statuary and grave stones.

      Geneviene, Teagan. Atonement, Tennessee . Teagan R. Geneviene. Kindle Edition.

      After reading that this house seemed perfectly suited to the story 🙂

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    1. Hi Olga,
      Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! I’ve enjoyed Teagan’s weekly posts for a while now and finally found time to purchase one of her books. Atonement, Tennessee had a unique storyline and fresh, quirky characters that made made the story a joy to read.
      I’ll certainly keep my out for book 2, and more Lilith 🙂


  1. Hello Jacquie! Thanks for the interview and post. Teagan’s book reads fascinating. I have it in my Kindle and look forward to finally reading it. I love the trailer too. All the best, Teagan! 😀 xx

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