Cooking up Memories- Waldorf Salad #Family #Inspiration

The Christmas season is my favorite time of year. An air of festivity takes hold as stores bring out their holiday decorations and old time favorites play on the television.

One of my favorite Christmas recipes came from my grandmother- Waldorf salad. Every year I’d look forward to seeing that fancy glass bowl filled with chopped up apples taking pride of the place on our dining room table. It was Grandma’s donation to our holiday dinner.

Grandma and her sister

We’ve kept the tradition going, even though she passed away a few years ago. Now, when I look upon that simple bowl of salad every year, I feel her presence among us and smile.


1 cup Mayo

4 tbs. milk

2 tbs. sugar

Whip Mayo, sugar and milk together to form a loose dressing.

6 Spartan or Mac Apples

1 cup Chopped Walnuts

3 Stalks Celery

Use lemon juice or citric acid to whiten apples.

Peel and chop apples and celery into bite-size pieces, sprinkle with lemon juice. Add walnuts. Stir in dressing and refrigerate until use. Enjoy.


Papa and buddy- 2013

6 thoughts on “Cooking up Memories- Waldorf Salad #Family #Inspiration

  1. I can’t believe I’ve never made this. The recipe is easy enough. It’s time to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. What a sweet memory, Jacquie! I loved seeing your pictures, too. This definitely sounds yummy, and it’s a wonderful tribute to your grandmother to continue to serve her salad. ♥️

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    1. Hi Jennifer,
      I miss her most at the holidays. Thanks for stopping by, my friend {{hugs}}

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  3. Family recipes are always the best. They keep our loved ones with us. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. You’re right, Staci. It’s almost like they’re here (in spirit anyway) ❤

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