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Open a New Door is a poetic peep into the lives of the poets, Kim Blades and Robbie Cheadle, both of whom live in South Africa.

The book is divided into four categories: God bless Africa, God bless my family and friends, God bless me and God bless corporates and work. Each part is sub-divided into the good, the bad and the ugly of the two poets’ experiences, presented in rhyming verse, free-style, haiku and tanka, in each of these categories and include colourful depictions of their thoughts and emotions.

The purpose of this book of poetry is encapsulated in the following tanka and haiku poems:
What drives me to write?
To share my innermost thoughts
The answer is clear
It’s my personal attempt
To make some sense of this world.

Inspiration blossoms
Like the unfurling petals
Of the Desert Rose


Robbie Cheadle was born in London in the United Kingdom. Her father died when she was three months old and her mother immigrated to South Africa with her tiny baby girl. Robbie has lived in Johannesburg, George and Cape Town in South Africa and attended fourteen different schools. This gave her lots of opportunities to meet new people and learn lots of social skills as she was frequently “the new girl”. 

Robbie is a qualified Chartered Accountant and specialises in corporate finance with a specific interest in listed entities and stock markets. Robbie has written a number of publications on listing equities and debt instruments in Africa and foreign direct investment into Africa.

Robbie is married to Terence Cheadle and they have two lovely boys, Gregory and Michael. Michael (aged 11) is the co-author of the Sir Chocolate series of books and attends school in Johannesburg. Gregory (aged 14) is an avid reader and assists Robbie and Michael with filming and editing their YouTube videos and editing their books.

My Review

Open a New Door is an emotional tour de force!

South Africa is a mysterious part of the world many of us will never have the opportunity to visit. Robbie and Kim have brought the best, and in some cases saddest, snapshots of the country they love to life through the magic of poetry.

One of my favorites- Some people by Robbie Cheadle

Some people mark this imperfect world, just by being, make it a better place, encouraging, selfless and enthusiastic, they’re a buffer against the rat race.

Some people evolve into human hubs, knowing everyone – friends with all, able to link you up with someone, to help you stand proud and tall.

Some people have enormous hearts, that seem to beat outside their body, touching everything around them, tinging with goodness the weak and shoddy.

Some people mould our minds and spirits, forging new thought patterns that inspire, following in such worthy footsteps, Becomes our ambition and desire.

God calls some people back to him, before we are ready, or want, them to go, as we pick ourselves up and go on – alone,

His guidance in our actions will show.

Cheadle, Robbie. Open a new door: a collection of poems (Kindle Locations 497-502). Roberta Writes. Kindle Edition.

More than the poetry, is the beating heart of a country in turmoil- poignant and beautiful.

I give Open a New Door 5 lovely kisses!


    1. Thanks for sharing my review of Robbie and Kim’s lovely poetry!

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      1. jenanita01 says:

        a very good collection it was too…

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    2. Thank you for sharing.

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  1. Wonderful review, Jacquie, and thanks for sharing one of the poems. I’m so intrigued by the blend of “the best, and in some cases saddest, snapshots of the country they love.” Thanks for the recommendation.

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    1. I enjoyed this glimpse into another world, different from ours, yet with many of the same issues.
      Thanks for stopping by, Diana!

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    2. South Africa is a very mixed country right now, Diana. Huge poverty, massive corruption and self enrichment but there is also lots of vibrancy and colour, interesting food and people.

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  2. Beware Of The Reader says:

    I don’t usually read poetry Jacquie but I admit that some poems resonate deeply! I am happy you loved these so much!

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    1. Thanks, Sophie. I haven’t read much poetry either, but am developing a new appreciation for the art 🙂

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  3. Thank you, Jacquie, for this lovely review of Open a new door. I am quite overwhelmed that you selected Some People to share because it has such special meaning and significance for me. I wrote if when our beloved minister Chunky Young died in 2016. I still miss him a great deal.

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    1. I could feel your pain, and love, in this piece, Robbie. I’m sorry Amazon won’t let me post reviews anymore, but I’ve shared to Goodreads and if you get an author page set up on BookBub I’ll share there as well {{hugs}}

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      1. Thank you, Jacquie. I really appreciate your review.

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